As a volunteer, you provide a valuable service to your community and you have a chance to meet many interesting people. Volunteering makes you feel good and can provide valuable work experience. Volunteering can change your life. As a Baptist Health volunteer, you are joining a distinguished group of individuals.
Who Volunteers at Baptist Health?

Who Volunteers at Baptist Health?

Many gifted people just like you! Our volunteers come from all walks of life and bring a myriad of abilities with them. Our volunteers include retirees, professionals, former patients, homemakers, military personnel, college students and teenagers. Each of them is an integral part of the Baptist Health's team of dedicated, caring people working at Baptist, Baptist Children's, South Miami, Homestead, Mariners, West Kendall Baptist, and Doctors Hospitals, and Baptist Outpatient Services.

As a member of the Baptist Health team, volunteers give themselves a gift, too. Studies show that people who help others are healthier, happier people. Even if you have only four hours to spare each week, volunteering can bring you added job skills, school credit or that feeling you get from donating your time to helping others.

What Does a Volunteer Do?

What Does a Volunteer Do?

Volunteers have a wide range of duties at Baptist Health. You may like playing games with young patients, directing visitors to a loved one's room or delivering letters to someone who has been hospitalized. Or you may enjoy running errands, keeping a family informed about a relative's operation or working on a computer. Some volunteers find they like working in a Gift Shop. Others enjoy driving courtesy carts. Whatever you enjoy doing, there's something for you at Baptist Health.

As a Volunteer, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Learn new skills.
  • Make new friends.
  • Enjoy the satisfaction that comes from helping others.
  • Provide many extra services that supplement the basic, essential functions of the professional staff.
  • Add to the quality of health care by helping the patients, their families, the staff, visitors and the entire hospital.
  • Fulfill society's need for individual concern and action.
When Do You Volunteer?

When Do You Volunteer?

You'll volunteer whenever you can. That's one of the joys of being a volunteer. You only put in as much time as you can spare. Daytime, evening and weekend hours are available and when you list the times you prefer to work, we'll schedule you as closely to those times as possible.
What Do Volunteers Wear?

What Do Volunteers Wear?

All volunteers wear special uniforms so that patients, visitors, physicians and employees know a volunteer is assisting them. Your distinctive uniform represents your importance and identifies you as a volunteer.
“The Mission of Volunteer Services is to recruit, develop, and retain an exceptional volunteer workforce to help fulfill Baptist Health South Florida’s mission by enhancing our patients’ and families’ experiences, through the provision of supportive services to the staff, and compassionate healthcare services to our guests. We are committed to providing qualified, well-trained volunteers for suitable placement in a variety of areas throughout our organization, maintaining the highest standards of service excellence.”

Join Us

To join our friendly team of volunteers, physicians and employees, please contact the representative for the selected hospital below to receive information about becoming a volunteer. Thank you for your interest!
  • Baptist Hospital - Volunteer Services : 786-596-6073
  • Doctors Hospital - Julia Watson : 768-308-3595
  • Fishermen's Community Hospital - Staci Drake : 305-434-1386
  • Homestead Hospital - Margaret Sotham : 786-243-8201
  • Mariners Hospital - Staci Drake : 305-434-3386
  • South Miami Hospital - Wania Macellaro : 786-662-8070
  • West Kendall Baptist Hospital - Cindy Hovde : 786-467-2142
  • Miami Cancer Institute - Volunteer Services : 786-527-8361
  • Baptist Health Medical Group - Volunteer Services : 786-527-9200
  • Baptist Outpatient Services - Angela Navas : 786-596-3636

BHSF HIPAA Privacy and Security Education

The Baptist Health Privacy Office provides ongoing and up-to-date HIPAA privacy education to our workforce members; serves as a patient advocate to ensure our patients are afforded their privacy rights under HIPAA; acts as an internal resource to provide guidance to our workforce members and business partners; ensures there are policies and procedures in place to safeguard confidential and proprietary financial data, as well as our employee’s personal information known as PII (Personally Identifiable Information) and our patient’s confidential information known as PHI (Protected Health Information); and conducts audits to monitor compliance with the Privacy Rule and other state and federal regulations.

At Baptist Health we recognize that our patients have specific rights to keep their information private, and that privacy is protected by a federal law called HIPAA. Under HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act), Baptist Health is required to keep all of our patient’s protected health information secure and confidential and to educate our workforce members on our privacy policies.

As part of Baptist Health’s ongoing compliance with HIPAA, a significant component of our compliance efforts includes workforce education as required by legislation. The goals of education provided above are to ensure you understand the rights of patients under HIPAA and to provide you with tools and strategies to safeguard PHI so you can continue building and maintaining our Culture of Privacy.

For more information on BHSF’s HIPAA Privacy Program, contact the Privacy Office at 786-596-8850 or

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