Accepted Insurance

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Pricing Packages

Pay in full today and discount will be applied.*

Standard Care

Any of the following:

  • Medical history assessment
  • Evaluation and diagnosis
  • Care plan including prescription(s), if needed
  • One Covid-19 Test (PCR, Rapid Antigen or Antibody tesing) if needed


Standard Care Plus

All Services from tier 1 as needed, plus:

  • Up to 3 basic lab tests if needed
    • Flu test, Strep test, Mono, Urinalysis, Pregnancy test, Throat and Urine Cultures
    • Additional Covid-19 Testing (PCR, Molecular, Rapid Antigen or Antibody)
  • Up to 2 STD tests
  • One minor procedure if needed
    • Nail removal, nasal packing, single asthma treatment, injection, ear wax removal, minor allergic reaction treatment, simple wound care


Advanced Care

All services from tier 2 as needed, plus:

  • Any basic lab tests plus:
    • Blood tests (Complete Blood Count or Comprehensive Metabolic Panel) if needed
  • Up to 5 STD tests if needed
  • Any minor procedure listed above plus:
    • Simple laceration and skin repair including follow up visit and stitches removal if needed


Advanced Care Plus

All services from tier 3 as needed, plus:

  • Up to 8 STD tests if needed
  • Any procedure listed above plus up to 2 more below
    • Fracture/dislocation setting, multiple asthma treatments, incision and drainage, catheter insertion, severe allergic reaction treatment, complex wound care, laceration and skin repair, splinting and casting, foreign object removal
  • X-rays — up to 3 different body parts if needed


Complex Care

All services from tier 4 as needed, plus:

  • Any procedure not listed above that can be performed within the scope of the Urgent Care Center

  • CT scan — one body part is an additional $800


Covid Testing for Patients Without Any Other Symptoms*

  • $199 for one (1) Covid Test
  • $279 for two (2) Covid Tests
  • *Includes basic evaluation

* The facility charges at our urgent care centers are less than the facility charges at Baptist Health Hospitals.

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