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Self-Pay / Urgent Care Express Cash Prices*

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  • $149

    Tier 1  |  Basic Evaluation

  • Basic Evaluation:

    When you come to a Baptist Health Urgent Care Express location, you’ll receive a basic evaluation that includes:

    • A routine office visit
    • A medical history assessment
    • A care plan including prescription(s), if needed

    The basic evaluation does not include diagnostic imaging or on-site labs. It also does not include on-site medication.

    * Any COVID-19 test is an additional $50.

  • $199

    Tier 2  |  Basic Evaluation Plus

    Includes On-site Labs and Medication

  • Basic Evaluation Plus:

    Our Basic Evaluation Plus plan includes:

    • Tier 1 evaluation plus any one of the following tests and/or medication:
      • Two on-site lab tests such as COVID-19 Rapid Antigen, COVID-19 molecular (not PCR), influenza A & B, strep, urine pregnancy, mono, glucose, RSV and urinalysis
    • One medication administration via oral, topical or injection

    * Any lab tests not performed on-site will be subject to self-pay pricing. For more information, please discuss with your provider.

  • $279

    Tier 3  |  Advanced Evaluation & Treatment

    Includes One X-ray and Splinting, if Needed

  • Advanced Evaluation & Treatment:

    Our Advanced Evaluation & Treatment plan includes the services of our Basic Evaluation Plus, plus any one of the following tests/medications:

    • Up to four on-site lab tests such as COVID-19 rapid antigen or COVID-19 molecular, influenza A & B, strep, urine pregnancy, mono, glucose, RSV and urinalysis.
    • A COVID-19 molecular send-out test
    • An X-ray of one body part
      • Splinting of a body part, as needed. Each additional X-ray is $50 per body part.

  • $349

    Tier 4  |  Complex Evaluation & Treatment

    Includes a Medical Procedure

  • Complex Evaluation & Treatment:

    Our Complex Evaluation & Treatment plan includes the services of our Advanced Evaluation & Treatment plan, plus any one of the following tests/medications. It also includes one procedure, such as:

      • A laceration and wound repair (suture, gel foam, dermabond or steristrips). Removal of sutures is included
        • A follow-up visit is included if no additional interventions are required.
      • Incision and drainage
      • A skin procedure (foreign body removal/attempt, burn dressing/debridement)

    Each additional procedure is $149

    *The facility charges at our urgent care centers are less than the facility charges at Baptist Health hospitals.

Wellness Options


  • $25

    Child's Physical

  • Child's Physical

    A child’s physical exam includes completion of required forms for:

    • School
    • Sports*
    • Camp
    • Immunization form (blue)

    *Add EKG to Sports Physical $50

  • $59

    Work or College Physical

  • Work or College Physical

    A work or college physical exam includes:

    • A basic evaluation
    • A medical history assessment
    • Completion of required forms

  • $199

    Traveler Antigen Covid Test

  • Traveler Antigen Covid Test

    Our traveler antigen COVID-19 exam includes:

    • A medical evaluation
    • A COVID-19 rapid antigen test. You’ll walk out with your results the same day.

  • $199

    Traveler PCR Covid Test

  • Traveler PCR Covid Test

    Our traveler PCR COVID-19 exam includes:

    • Medical evaluation
    • A PCR Test: Result times may vary, but you should receive your results within two to three days.

  • Vaccines and Injections

  • We’re happy to offer routine vaccines and injections.

    Flu $29
    Hepatitis B Vaccine (per injection) $79
    MMR $125
    Pneumococcal Vaccine (seasonal) $109
    PPD $30
    Tdap $75
    Varicella $139
    Vitamin B-12 $35

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