While we’re highly skilled at surgery, our team at Baptist Health Orthopedic Care treats most of our patients with conservative, non-surgical therapies. Whether it’s with physical therapy, braces, ultrasound-guided injections or another non-surgical approach, we aim to get you back to a normal, active routine as quickly as possible.

If you’ve experienced an acute injury or have a chronic orthopedic condition, we can fully evaluate you and determine the best course of treatment, non-surgical or otherwise.

Our doctors are specialists in all types of non-surgical treatments, including exercise, physical therapy, ultrasound-guided injections, braces and splints. If we find that conservative treatment will not be helpful for your condition, we work with our surgical colleagues to refer you for the best surgical treatment option for you.

Who benefits from non-surgical treatments?

Most people receive non-surgical treatments for orthopedic injuries and few people need immediate surgery. We use non-surgical therapies to treat acute and chronic injuries such as:

  • Sprains
  • Muscle strains
  • Torn ligaments or tendons
  • Foot, rib or hand fractures
  • Chronic joint or muscle pain
  • Arthritis

You may also undergo non-surgical therapy if you have been diagnosed with poor bone health or osteoporosis after a fracture. If this is the case, your doctor or surgeon will refer you to our team for treatment.

What types of non-surgical treatments are offered at Baptist Health Orthopedic Care?

Whether you’ve experienced an injury or are looking for relief from a chronic condition, we work closely with you to find the right treatment for your needs. We only use therapies that have been shown through research to be effective in treating your specific injury.

These evidence-based, non-surgical treatments available at Baptist Health Orthopedic Care include:

  • Medication
  • Braces or splints
  • Physical therapy
  • Steroid injections
  • Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections
  • Stem cell therapy

Our team also specializes in image-guided injections, which uses ultrasound imaging without radiation to ensure precise and effective treatment, so you can recover faster.

Our Locations

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"PRP therapy can direct your repair cells to where they are most needed, like a damaged tendon. We are trying to jump-start or improve the body’s own repair process and regenerate the damaged area."
Our approach

Our approach

When you come to Baptist Health Orthopedic Care for non-surgical treatments, you can expect:

  • A care team that treats you like a family member, working to get to know you, your needs and your expectations for treatment.
  • A treatment plan that is tailored to your lifestyle and preferences.
  • A goal to get you active and mobile as soon as possible.
  • A collaborative environment that involves all members of orthopedic care, with the goal of getting you the best outcome possible.

Meet the Team

Our team includes fellowship-trained orthopedic and sports medicine physicians and athletic trainers who specialize in non- surgical treatments. We use our experience treating collegiate and professional athletes to provide the best care.

Baptist Health Orthopedic Care By The Numbers:

Our staff is comprised of highly specialized, Board-certified and fellowship-trained orthopedic physicians, supported by advanced practice providers and athletic trainers, all of whom play a vital role in the patient experience. Our physicians and support staff provide sports medicine services for pro athletes, high school and collegiate athletic programs, international sporting events, recreational athletes and "regular citizens" from South Florida.
81,877 Patient office visits
5,347 Surgeries
9 Orthopedic subspecialties
12 Sports medicine provider relationships

Frequently Asked Questions

  • PRP injections involve drawing your blood and isolating your platelets before injecting them back into your damaged tissue or joint. Growth factors in the platelets have been shown to help the tissue heal. Along with physical therapy, this treatment has proven effective in treating tennis elbow, plantar fasciitis, gluteus tendon strains and knee arthritis.

  • Using a high-resolution ultrasound allows us to pinpoint and visualize your damaged tissue and to inject medicine or orthobiologic therapy directly to the affected area. The ultrasound also helps us see your injury when you are moving your arm and elbow, which is not possible during an MRI. The ultrasound has no radiation and does not hurt.

  • PRP, stem cells or donated amniotic growth factors are injected into your damaged tissue. These materials help reduce inflammation and prompt your cells to grow and regenerate, helping you heal.

  • Orthobiologics, such as PRP injections and stem cell therapy, are not covered by insurance. Each injection typically costs between $450 and $2,200, depending on the type and location of your injury.

Research and Education

Our highly skilled physicians remain on the cutting edge of orthopedic research and education.

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