Our warm and comfortable environment and specially designed birthing suites will help you relax as you prepare to welcome your newest family member. And our loving and professional staff will provide you with the support you’ll need throughout each stage of the birthing experience. 

The Comforts of Home in Our Labor and Delivery Unit

Our birthing suites were specially designed to create a relaxed atmosphere with minimal disruptions for your baby’s birth.

Labor and Delivery Services

Despite the homelike setting, our qualified physicians, specially trained nurses and technologically advanced equipment will provide you and your baby with the highest-quality obstetrical care.

During labor and delivery, our nurses will assist you in every way possible. They will keep you informed of your progress and administer any medications ordered by your doctor. Three family members or friends are allowed to stay with you in the birthing suite (this includes the father/parent or support partner). If you have a C-section, one person (the father/parent or adult support partner) is permitted in the surgical area both during and after the baby’s birth.

After the baby’s birth and initial bonding, your newborn will be transitioned at your bedside and remain with mother throughout hospital stay. During the transitional period, your baby’s heart rate, temperature and other important indicators of a newborn’s health and well-being will be monitored for a few hours.

After recovery, your baby will be taken to a private room where you and your infant will be cared for together. Having your baby with you throughout your stay will allow you to learn his or her patterns and preferences. Since some babies tend to sleep a lot the first few days, it’s the perfect time for parents to learn about their newborn and ask questions. Your nurse will answer those questions and offer guidance so that once you’re home, you will feel more confident about taking care of your newborn.

Patient- and Family-Centered Care

Patient- and Family-Centered Care

In keeping with our patient- and family-centered care philosophy, we also encourage fathers/parents, support partners, as well as siblings and grandparents, to actively participate and share in this wonderful occasion.

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