Pre-Registration Information

Please read the information below before completing the Maternity Pre-Registration form.

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  • If you have executed an Advance Directive (living will, healthcare surrogate, or durable power of attorney), please provide a copy for inclusion in your medical record.

  • You will receive an acknowledgement letter shortly after we receive/process your application. We will include the deposit amount that you must pay, if any, prior to your delivery. This deposit amount will include any deductibles, co-pays and uninsured (co-insurance) amounts due before on the benefits quoted to us by your insurance carrier.

    A copy of your insurance card and policy benefits, if possible, will help us make a more accurate determination of your coverage. Should you have a deposit due that has not been paid prior to your arrival for delivery, a Financial Representative will visit you (or your financial contact) during your stay to discuss your insurance benefits with you as well as to collect payment of any amounts due.

  • The State of Florida requires all newborns to be tested for certain diseases that, although rare, may result in mental retardation or other serious problems. These diseases are phenylketonuria, which deals with ingestion of phenylalanune, contained in many foods; hypothyroidism, which is an underactive thyroid gland; galactosemia, which shows the presence of glactose, a type of sugar, in the blood; and maple syrup urine disease, which reveals a protein that causes an odor similar to maple syrup in the urine. Each of these diseases is characterized by the newborn’s ability to metabolize (digest and breakdown) certain substances in his/her food, necessary to normal growth and development.

    All testing will be performed from one blood sample. Early detection allows for appropriate treatment (change in diet) with extremely good results. If you have any questions concerning these tests, please contact your physician.

  • A group policy is usually associated with your place of employment and is written to include a large number of people. An individual policy is usually one that you purchase directly from an insurance agent, covering only you and your dependents. Please contact your insurance provider as close as possible to the expected birthdate of your baby to acquire information about enrolling your baby. Your carrier will usually provide a brief grace period (approximately 30 days after the birth) to do so.

  • These are private, independent doctors based at Baptist Health South Florida who will bill you separately for their services, if utilized. These include anesthesiologists, radiologists and pathologists.

  • Please check to be sure your insurance policy covers maternity care. While Baptist Health South Florida will review the insurance information you provide and apply this coverage toward your required deposit, most insurance companies will not verify coverage/benefits until actual admission.

  • If your employer or insurance company requires any special forms or authorizations, please send them to us. Many policies now require pre-certification or authorization for admission to Baptist Health South Florida. Lack of these may delay your pre-admission or reduce payment by your insurance company.

  • Even if the mother’s insurance covers her maternity costs, it is important to include the father’s insurance information as well. The father’s insurance may be primary for the baby’s charges. Lack of information will delay payment by the insurance company.

  • Many insurance policies do not cover the baby’s initial hospital stay (at birth) if he/she is healthy. Rather, they pay only if the newborn is sick or experiences complications. You will want to find out whether your policy provides for “well-baby coverage.” If you do not provide this information, we must include estimated nursery charges in your deposit.

If any of the information you have provided to us changes, or if you have any questions or need assistance in completing any of the enclosed forms, please call the Maternity Pre-Admission Coordinator at the number listed below:

Baptist Hospital

Bethesda Hospital East

Boca Raton Regional Hospital

Homestead Hospital

South Miami Hospital

West Kendall Baptist Hospital