Vascular disease affects millions of Americas. Advances in the way doctors care for your blood vessels have led to new, less-invasive treatment options like endovascular surgery.

Endovascular surgery is critical for delivering care quickly to people with aneurysms, stroke and other conditions affecting blood flow around the heart and brain.

Baptist Health Heart & Vascular Care offers the most advanced endovascular procedures for all types of vascular disease. And we partner with the Baptist Health Brain & Spine Care stroke team to deliver comprehensive stroke treatment.

Our leadership in vascular disease treatment means you can receive the best care, close to home.

Our Approach to Endovascular Surgery

Our Approach to Endovascular Surgery

Speedy treatment is what you can expect from Baptist Health Heart & Vascular Care – especially when it comes to stroke.

Our vascular experts partner with neurologists, interventional neuroradiologists, neuroendovascular surgeons and neurovascular specialists to treat stroke quickly and effectively, reducing the chance of lasting health effects.

What is Endovascular Surgery?

Endovascular surgery is a minimally invasive procedure used to treat conditions of the blood vessels. During endovascular surgery, surgeons make a small incision to access a blood vessel. Then, surgeons thread a special tube or a small medical instrument into the blood vessel, guiding it to the damaged or injured area to deliver treatment.

Endovascular surgery is less invasive than traditional open surgery, often resulting in shorter hospital stays and quicker recovery times.

Baptist Health Heart & Vascular surgeons will work with you or your loved ones to decide if endovascular surgery is the right option for you

What Conditions Are Treated With Endovascular Surgery?

Endovascular therapy procedures are commonly used to treat conditions that cause blocked blood flow to the heart or brain. These include:

Stroke Treatment Research

Our team studies ways to improve endovascular surgery treatments, particularly for stroke. We do this through clinical trials. If you are interested in learning more about stroke treatment studies, talk with your physician or check out our list of open clinical trials.

Photo of Robert Hall
“I’m forever grateful to Dr. Linfante and Dr. Siomin and the entire team at Baptist Health,” Mr. Hall says. “The care I received there was top-notch, and if not for them, I wouldn’t be here talking with you today.”
Meet the Endovascular Surgery Team

Meet the Endovascular Surgery Team

Our expert team of endovascular surgeons are trained in the latest minimally invasive surgical procedures.

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