Getting the right amount of quality sleep is essential for good heart health. Regular, restorative sleep can protect your heart from inflammation and added stress.

Baptist Health Heart & Vascular Care is one of only a few heart care programs in the nation with a built-in sleep medicine program.

Our sleep medicine specialists work hand-in-hand with our heart care experts to diagnose and treat sleep disorders in people with cardiac conditions.

We look forward to helping you sleep soundly.

Our Approach to Sleep Medicine Care

Our Approach to Sleep Medicine Care

No two people are the same when it comes to sleep. That’s why our team works with you to understand your unique sleep challenges and how your sleep patterns affect your life and health.

We also work to understand your daily routines and schedules so we can develop a treatment plan tailored to your unique needs.

Here, you can expect a collaborative approach to sleep medicine care – one that involves a sleep specialist and cardiologist working together to do what’s best for you.

What Are Sleep Disorders?

Sleep disorders are disruptions in good quality sleep. We treat a wide range of sleep disorders, including: 

  • Sleep apnea: A breathing disorder that slows or stops your breathing multiple times during sleep
  • Upper airway resistance: A collapsed or blocked airway that causes excessive snoring
  • Insomnia: The continued inability to stay asleep or fall asleep
  • Restless legs syndrome: A condition that causes an urge to move the legs and uncontrollable movements that occur regularly during sleep
  • Parasomnia: Inappropriate activities, such as talking, dream enactment, walking or eating, that take place during sleep
  • Narcolepsy: Sudden, uncontrollable periods of falling asleep that occur without warning at any time during any activity
  • Circadian rhythm disorders: Misalignment of the body’s internal clock with external time

Who Benefits From Sleep Medicine Services?

The occasional restless night is rarely a cause for concern. But common sleep problems can impact your quality of life. You may have a sleep disorder if you:

  • Feel sleepy during the day, require frequent naps or fall asleep at inappropriate times
  • Feel tired and sleepy despite getting 7-8 hours of sleep
  • Repeatedly stop breathing while asleep
  • Routinely take longer than 30 minutes to fall asleep
  • Snore excessively and loudly
  • Wake up repeatedly throughout the night or too early in the morning

Our Sleep Medicine Program

If sleep disorders affect your quality of life and put your heart health at risk, talk to your physician about adding sleep medicine to your care plan.

How We Diagnose Sleep Conditions

Diagnosing sleep problems begins with a discussion about your family health history and a thorough physical examination.

Our sleep specialists use a detailed questionnaire to evaluate your sleep history and habits. You may also be asked to keep a sleep log to provide greater detail and specifics.

If your symptoms indicate the need for further investigation, you may be asked to participate in a sleep study. A sleep study is an evaluation of your sleep using devices to monitor for brain activity, breathing, snoring and movement. We offer onsite and at-home sleep studies.

How We Treat Sleep Conditions

Treatments for sleep disorders vary based on your health history and diagnosis. Our team will discuss all available treatment options and work with you to help you make the best decision about your care.

If you have sleep apnea, your treatment may include a continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) machine. A CPAP is a wearable device that uses mild air pressure to keep your airway open as you sleep.

If your treatment plan includes a CPAP, our team will teach you how to use the equipment properly.

Other sleep condition treatment options include:

  • Education and guidance to improve your sleep habits
  • Medications for certain sleep disorders such as restless legs syndrome and hypersomnolence (excessive sleepiness)
"We now know that the timing of the nighttime sleep schedule can significantly impact both physical and mental well being."

Meet Our Sleep Medicine Team

Our team of sleep experts works side-by-side with cardiologists, advanced practice providers, medical assistants and clinical pharmacists to provide advanced, comprehensive sleep medicine care.

Our Locations

For your convenience, our sleep medicine team sees patients at three locations in Miami-Dade County.


7400 SW 87 Avenue, Suite #100
Miami, Florida 33173

Kendall (Baptist Health Baptist Hospital) 

8950 N Kendall Drive, Suite #507W
Miami, Florida 33176


13101 S Dixie Highway, Suite #420
Miami, Florida 33156
View All Of Our Baptist Health Heart & Vascular Locations Here.

Sleep Medicine Research

At Baptist Health, we’re dedicated to advancing care through innovation and research. If you are interested in learning more about clinical trial opportunities that explore the link between sleep and heart health, talk with your doctor or check out our list of clinical trials.

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