Hypertension — high blood pressure — affects nearly half of all American adults. But three in four people do not have the condition under control, increasing their risk for heart attack, stroke, dementia and other problems. If you struggle with your blood pressure, Baptist Health Heart & Vascular Care has the expertise to help.

If your high blood pressure hasn’t responded to at least three medications, you have resistant hypertension. And you need specialty care. The hypertension specialists in our Resistant Hypertension Program use leading-edge technologies and the most advanced medications to tailor a treatment program to your specific needs.

With us, you’ll receive compassionate, comprehensive care to help you with difficult-to-control hypertension.

Our Approach to Resistant Hypertension Treatment

Our Approach to Resistant Hypertension Treatment

When you come to us for resistant hypertension treatment, we take a personalized approach to your care. Our hypertension program is designed to help you get your blood pressure to a healthy level within three months.

We’ll start your treatment with a full evaluation of the medications you’re taking and your lifestyle habits. If needed, we’ll adjust your medicines and recommend any lifestyle changes that can lower your blood pressure.

And once we get your blood pressure under control, we stay in touch. Don’t hesitate to call us if you have questions or think you may need changes to your medication routine. We’re passionate about helping you manage your blood pressure, so you’re welcome to visit the resistant hypertension clinic whenever you need to.

  • 50%

    Of adults with hypertension don’t have their blood pressure under control.
  • Up to 15%

    Of patients with high blood pressure have treatment-resistant hypertension.

What is Resistant Hypertension?

Resistant hypertension is high blood pressure that doesn’t respond to medical treatment. High blood pressure means your blood flow consistently puts too much pressure on your artery walls. This forces your heart to work harder to pump blood.

High blood pressure is common, and in most cases, can be treated with medication and lifestyle changes – such as exercising, eating healthy and not smoking. Hypertension becomes resistant if you are taking three or more medications and your blood pressure is still too high. In some cases, hypertension may be associated with or caused by another medical condition.

If left untreated, uncontrolled hypertension can damage your arteries and make it harder to move blood through your body. This can increase your risk of stroke, heart attack, heart failure and other heart conditions. It may also damage other organs like your kidneys and brain.

Diagnosing Resistant Hypertension

High blood pressure does not usually cause obvious symptoms. Regular check ups with your primary care provider or cardiologist are essential. If the condition becomes resistant, you could benefit from our Resistant Hypertension Program.

To help manage your resistant hypertension, we first review your medical records and current treatment plan. We will also do our own diagnostic testing to confirm the diagnosis and evaluate the best treatment approach. Diagnostic testing may include:

  • At-home portable blood pressure monitoring
  • Blood and urine samples to evaluate levels of sugar, sodium and potassium and to help detect underlying conditions
  • Imaging tests, like CT scans, ultrasounds and X-rays to eliminate potential causes
  • Tests for kidney or thyroid disease
  • Genetic testing for potential hereditary causes of hypertension
  • A sleep study to check for sleep apnea, which can cause resistant hypertension

Resistant Hypertension Treatment

Based on the findings from our diagnostic testing, our resistant hypertension specialists will create a custom treatment plan based on your needs. This may include adjustments to your medication or lifestyle changes around:

  • Diet
  • Exercise
  • Weight loss
  • Smoking
  • Sleep apnea control

Our comprehensive approach to treating resistant hypertension and the vast network of heart and vascular specialists at Baptist Health also gives you access to the latest treatment options. We can help you treat any underlying conditions that may be causing your resistant hypertension or that have resulted from uncontrolled hypertension.

"Having a hypertension clinic allows patients to be seen quickly, either in person or virtually, for rapid and frequent assessment of their blood pressure and adjustments as needed of medications based on those blood pressure readings."
Meet our Resistant Hypertension Specialists

Meet our Resistant Hypertension Specialists

Managing your hypertension can be difficult. Our highly trained team of resistant hypertension specialists can help you get your blood pressure under control with a customized treatment program. Meet the outstanding team that is ready to work with you.

Our Locations

Find one of our resistant hypertension clinics closest to you in Miami-Dade or Palm Beach County.

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