If your heart isn’t beating correctly, you need the expertise of an electrophysiologist. These doctors are specially trained to diagnose and treat cardiac arrhythmia (irregular heartbeat) or other heart rhythm problems.

At Baptist Health, our expert team of electrophysiologists offers the latest and most advanced diagnostic tests and treatments.

Our Approach to Electrophysiology Services

Our Approach to Electrophysiology Services

When you choose electrophysiology services at Baptist Health, you can expect:

  • The highest level of expertise from a team of fellowship-trained, board-certified electrophysiologists 
  • Access to the latest, most innovative tests and treatments
  • Compassionate, team-based care designed for you and your unique needs

What is Electrophysiology?

Electrophysiology is an area of cardiology focused on evaluating your heart’s electrical function. Electrophysiology services are provided by specially trained doctors called electrophysiologists. 

The electrophysiologists at Baptist Health diagnose and treat irregular heartbeats and other heart rhythm problems, including:

Our Electrophysiology Services

Baptist Health Heart & Vascular Care electrophysiologists perform electrophysiology studies (EP studies) to evaluate your heart’s natural electrical system.

We also offer electrophysiology treatments, many of which take place during an EP study. These include:

Our electrophysiologists, cardiologists and cardiac surgeons also partner to offer other innovative heart rhythm treatments, including:

  • Cardioversion. A procedure performed under anesthesia that returns your heart to normal rhythm.
  • Maze procedure. Surgery to treat atrial fibrillation
“I am so very grateful for all the doctors and nurses at Baptist Health for their excellent care, I cannot truly find the words to thank them. I am really extremely grateful.”
“I remember feeling totally comfortable,” he says. “I had no anxiety or fear at all. I don’t remember how many people were doing what … but I felt very comfortable and very assured that they were doing, you know, good things.”


Meet Our Electrophysiologists

Experience exceptional care with our expert electrophysiologists. Specializing in heart rhythm disorders, our dedicated team possesses in-depth knowledge in cardiac care. From diagnosing complex arrhythmias to delivering advanced treatments, they are committed to providing the highest quality of care. Their expertise, combined with genuine compassion, offers reassurance for you and your loved ones. Explore the proficiency and commitment of our electrophysiology team for a healthier heart.

Miami Dade County: Call 786-204-4200

Our Location

Learn about our location offering electrophysiology services.

Cardiac Electrophysiology Clinical Trials

Baptist Health Heart & Vascular Care electrophysiologists lead studies on new and innovative diagnostic tools and treatments for heart rhythm disorders. If you’re interested in learning more about our research efforts or participating in a clinical trial, view our list of ongoing studies.

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