For decades Baptist Health has been the region’s leader in cardiac care. Our team of highly trained, compassionate experts has the experience needed to treat a wide range of heart conditions.

We know every patient’s health is different. So, our heart and vascular specialists work with you to create a personalized treatment and care plan that will meet your specific needs. We use the most advanced therapies and leading-edge procedures to give you the comprehensive care you deserve.

High-quality heart and vascular care requires a multidisciplinary approach to treatment. We’re proud to have a team of experts from all areas of cardiac care who work closely together to ensure your best outcomes.

Meet our team and find the provider that’s right for you.

Meet our Cardiologists

Our outstanding team of cardiologists is dedicated to giving you the best care available. We pair experience with compassion, giving you and your loved ones valuable peace of mind about your heart health. Learn more about our providers and our approach to cardiology.

Miami Dade County: Call 786-204-4200

Monroe County: Call 786-204-4200

Palm Beach County: Call 561-244-7720

Meet our Electrophysiologists

Experience exceptional care with our expert electrophysiologists. Specializing in heart rhythm disorders, our dedicated team possesses in-depth knowledge in cardiac care. From diagnosing complex arrhythmias to delivering advanced treatments, they are committed to providing the highest quality of care. Their expertise, combined with genuine compassion, offers reassurance for you and your loved ones. Explore the proficiency and commitment of our electrophysiology team for a healthier heart.

Miami Dade County: Call 786-204-4200

Meet our Interventional Cardiologists

Our expert interventional cardiologists diagnose and use minimally invasive procedures to help patients with heart and blood vessel diseases as well as structural heart issues. Learn more about our specialists and our approach to interventional cardiology.

Miami Dade County: Call 786-204-4200

Meet our Inpatient Cardiology Team

Discover unparalleled care with our team of inpatient cardiologists. Our dedicated specialists, well-versed in the intricacies of cardiac care, work tirelessly to ensure you receive the highest quality treatment. The combined expertise and genuine compassion define our approach, providing you and your loved ones with a reassuring sense of well-being regarding your heart health. Explore more about the expertise and commitment of our inpatient cardiology team.

Meet our Cardio-Oncology Specialists

Our team of specially trained cardiologists care for patients who have cancer and heart disease. Partnering with our Baptist Health Miami Cancer Institute colleagues, we ensure that our patients can complete cancer treatment safely while caring for any heart issues. Learn more about our specialists and our approach to cardio-oncology.

Broward County: Call 786-204-4200

Miami Dade County: Call 786-204-4200

Meet our Cardiothoracic Surgeons

We are proud that our team of highly trained cardiothoracic surgeons has experience across the full range of heart conditions, as well as traditional and minimally invasive surgical procedures. They are dedicated to working with you to secure your best outcomes. Learn more about our cardiothoracic surgeons.

Miami Dade County: Call 786-596-1230

Palm Beach County: Call 561-955-6300

Meet our Vascular Surgeons

Our team of expert vascular surgeons has the expertise to treat a full range of vascular conditions. They are trained in the latest surgical procedures, including leading-edge, minimally invasive procedures that can reduce your recovery time and shorten your hospital stay. Learn more about our vascular surgeons and our approach to vascular surgery.

Palm Beach County Vascular Surgeons: Call 833-862-4847

Palm Beach County General and Vascular Surgeons: Call 833-862-4847

Meet our Sleep Medicine Physicians

Our team includes a diverse group of vascular surgeons, interventional radiologists and neuroradiologists, who are highly skilled in all areas of cardiovascular care.

Miami Dade County: Call 786-204-4200

Meet our Sports Cardiologist

Our sports cardiology medical director works alongside our expert cardiologists, physical therapists, counselors and nutritionists to diagnose and care for sports cardiology patients

Miami Dade and Broward Counties: Call 786-204-4200

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