At Baptist Health, we’re proud to deliver the most advanced heart and vascular care in South Florida. Thanks to the generous support from donors and sponsors like you, we’re conducting groundbreaking research that will lead to more advanced cardiovascular treatments, training the next generation of cardiac specialists, and providing the highest quality clinical care to every patient who walks through our doors.

The trailblazing work we do at our renowned institutes is only possible with your help. Learn more about being a partner in our mission to deliver innovative, compassionate care to the communities we serve.

Learn more about Baptist Health Heart & Vascular Care in South Florida and what you can do to make a positive difference in the lives of your family, friends and neighbors.

Baptist Health Foundation

As a world-class institution, Baptist Health is committed to revolutionizing healthcare for people in our surrounding area. With your generous support, we bring some of the best minds in medicine to our community and conduct groundbreaking research that leads to more advanced, innovative patient care options.

Boca Raton Regional Hospital Foundation

Boca Raton Regional Hospital Foundation is dedicated to securing world-class services for the local community. Your generous donations support building projects, technology efforts, research, and equipment purchases that fuel our unwavering pursuit of clinical excellence, patient satisfaction and patient safety.

Christine E. Lynn Heart & Vascular Institute

Christine E. Lynn Heart & Vascular Institute

The Christine E. Lynn Heart & Vascular Care Institute opened at Boca Raton Regional Hospital in 2006, making us the first open-heart program originating in Palm Beach County in over 22 years. Since then, our surgeons have performed over 2,500 open-heart procedures, more than 20,000 cardiac catheterizations and nearly 5,000 angioplasties.

Thanks to donors like you, the Institute has maintained its position as a leader in highly specialized treatments. We are consistently recognized as one of Florida's top institutes for surgical and endovascular treatment of aortic aneurysms and aortic dissection, as well as leading-edge treatments for deep vein thrombosis.

With your generous support, we can continue our innovative work to provide Palm Beach County residents with the best heart and vascular care.

Miami Cardiac & Vascular Institute

Miami Cardiac & Vascular Institute

Baptist Health Miami Cardiac & Vascular Institute is South Florida's largest, most comprehensive heart health facility. But we didn't build such a strong program alone. We can provide this first-in-the-world environment for heart care thanks to generous philanthropic support.

In 2017, we used donated funds to complete a $120-million expansion that helped us integrate our services into all Baptist Health hospitals and facilities. And through continued sponsorship from patients and donors like you, we're ready to explore the latest innovations in cardiovascular care.

If you'd like to be our partner in improving heart health for patients in our community and beyond, let us know.

A Passion for Discovery

A Passion for Discovery

Knowledge gathered from clinical research is the key to improving cardiovascular care and patient outcomes. That’s why the Baptist Health heart and vascular physicians participate in clinical research we believe will benefit our patients today and improve the state of healthcare in the future. Support from our donors makes it possible for us to develop heart care innovations.

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