Baptist Health Executive Health offers a personalized healthcare experience with a proactive approach to your health and wellness.

We give you extended one-on-one time that combines a comprehensive physical examination with exclusive personal services. We walk you through your test results and work with you to create a plan to keep you healthy.

Whether you live in South Florida or are visiting the area, our Executive Health team provides you with an understanding of your overall health so that you can stay healthy, while doing what you love.

Our team focuses on preventive care through a comprehensive physical exam.

  • Comprehensive lab tests with same-day results*
  • Resting electrocardiogram EKG (18 years and older)*
  • Chest X-ray (18 years and older and if clinically indicated)
  • Audiology screening
  • Vision acuity test
  • Nutritional assessment by a registered dietitian*
If additional testing or assessments are needed or requested, our experienced team can perform the following for an additional fee:
  • Exercise tolerance cardiac stress test
  • Fitness assessment
  • Cardiac CRP and homocysteine level
Our approach to care

Our approach to care

We provide personalized patient care and get your results to you on the same day. We work with you prior to your arrival to coordinate your visit and get any information we need to make your appointment as seamless as possible.
Our Executive Health team provides quality care and is accredited by The Joint Commission, an independent organization that certifies quality and outcomes in healthcare organizations.
Courtesy and customer service, melded with professional service, is sometimes rare to find, but in Baptist this is just the norm. And that is why I keep coming back
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Fitness Assessment

A certified exercise physiologist measures your fitness stats and recommends a plan for safe and effective physical fitness.

Health Packages

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Cardiac Health

(Men and Women ages 40-75)

  • Cardiac lab Profile
  • Cardiac stress test
  • Heart scan
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Women's Health

  • Digital mammogram
  • Bone densitometry (osteoporosis screening)
  • ThinPrep Pap test
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Health and Fitness

  • Fitness Assessment
  • Nutritional consultation
Customized packages available upon request.
*These health packages are available in conjunction with your complete medical examination for an additional fee.

Other Individualized Tests and Screenings

Depending on your age, gender, symptoms, lifestyle and medical history, our staff may recommend additional testing, such as:

  • Cardiac stress test
  • 3-D mammogram
  • Spirometry
  • Bone density screening for osteoporosis
  • DEXA body fat analysis
  • CT scan of lungs
  • Heart scan (calcium scoring)
  • Pap smear
  • Abdominal Aortic Ultrasound

Follow-up Consultation and Reporting

After your physical examination, tests and private consultation are complete, your attending physician will send you a comprehensive report electronically outlining areas that may require attention - with recommendations for ongoing care or treatment, if needed.

In addition, you will receive copies of your test results, health/lifestyle assessment, consultation reports and digital imaging CD.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • We do everything we can to protect your privacy and meet your needs. We understand that you are busy, so we work to minimize wait times and provide a business center environment with private suites.

  • We offer self-pay pricing and accept some insurance plans. Currently, we accept the following PPO plans:

    • United PPO
    • Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO
    • Aetna PPO
    • Cigna PPO

    Prior to your appointment, we verify insurance benefits and inform you what your insurance will cover.

  • We can customize a package at your request. We often have requests for the following customizable services:

    • Cardiac health
    • Women’s health
    • Health and fitness

  • We provide preventive health services for individuals seeking concierge-style annual physicals, whether you live in South Florida or are visiting the area. We offer half-day visits and get you any results the same day.


If you wish to schedule an appointment, call (786) 596-2869, or download and complete the pre-registration and medical history forms, and email them to along with your appointment request information and someone will contact you within 24-48 hours.


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Helpful Resources

To learn more about our Executive Health program, please download our e-brochure and overview of services.