Miami Cancer Institute’s Center for Genomic Medicine is at the forefront of cancer treatment, prevention and research.

Clinical Genetics, as well as the Protocol Support Laboratory and Biospecimen Repository Facility, devote their efforts into reducing morbidity and mortality from cancer through precision medicine, primary and secondary prevention, and translational and clinical research support. Our team of laboratory specialists, genetic counselors and medical geneticists work closely with our physicians to identify novel, more effective mechanisms for cancer treatment and prevention. 

Clinical Genetics

Although we are all at risk of developing cancer, some people have greater-than-average risk for certain cancers because of an inherited genetic condition. Identifying the individuals within families who have an increased genetic risk for cancer will help reduce the likelihood of developing cancer, or help us detect cancer at an early stage when it is more curable.

If you have been diagnosed with cancer or have a family history of cancer, a genetic cancer risk evaluation with Clinical Genetics may be right for you. Our team of Board-certified genetic counselors and medical geneticists provide individualized genetic risk assessment, genetic testing and counseling services. Our goal is to help you understand how your medical history, family history and genetic test results may play a role in your risk to develop cancer, and empower you, your family and your providers to make more informed decisions regarding cancer prevention.

Biospecimen Repository Facility and Protocol Support Laboratory

The Center for Genomic Medicine’s Biospecimen Repository Facility and Protocol Support Laboratory provide researchers with a wealth of cancer tissues and related materials to conduct laboratory research and clinical trials. Through an in-depth analysis of cancer tissue specimens and blood samples, laboratory and clinical researchers are able to further understand those biological factors that contribute to cancer, which may enable prevention, early detection and more effective therapies. Their work is paving the way for predictive diagnostics and personalized treatment.

If you have been diagnosed with cancer, or you simply wish to make an impact in cancer research, you can provide informed consent to donate excess tissue samples and/or blood to the Biospecimen Repository Facility program. If you are enrolled in a cancer clinical trial, your excess tissues and blood samples collected by the Protocol Support Laboratory will be used to help inform the biological basis of novel therapies. In either case, you will be helping scientists perform groundbreaking research to develop new screening strategies, diagnostic tools and new, more effective cancer therapies.

If you feel you may benefit from genetic and genomic testing, talk to your doctor. The physical location is in the South Miami Medical Arts Building, however, most visits with Genetic Counselors are conducted via telehealth.

Center for Genomic Medicine Resource Library

Miami Cancer Institute’s Clinical Genetics offers a resource library including academic posters, gene of the month collection, videos and brochures. To make a request for these documents, please contact us.
Cutting-Edge Treatment In One Place

Cutting-Edge Treatment In One Place

When you’re going through cancer treatment, you need convenient care. At Baptist Health Miami Cancer Institute, we give you easy access to one of the world’s most comprehensive, advanced radiation oncology programs. We’re home to South Florida’s first proton therapy center, and we’re the only cancer center worldwide that offers all the latest radiation therapies in one place. Together, we can find the treatment that’s right for you.

Meet the Team

Our team of medical geneticists work closely with our physicians to identify novel, more effective mechanisms for cancer treatment and prevention.

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