You can trust the professionals at the Lynn Cancer Institute to guide you through your treatment with a combination of compassion and forward-thinking medicine.

Multimodality Cancer Care

While traditional cancer treatment requires patients to travel from physician to physician and manage their own scheduling, the Sandler Pavilion centralizes services in one location. This type of treatment, called multimodality care, simplifies the entire process by bringing the entire medical team to the patient. Each multimodality team is comprised of physicians and healthcare professionals who specialize in a specific cancer such as breast, head and neck, thoracic, urological, gastrointestinal or hepotobiliary including pancreatic cancer. The team develops standards of care for the specific cancer type that incorporate the most advanced technology and treatments available, as well as new treatment modalities available only through clinical trials.

On an initial visit, a patient might meet with a surgeon, radiation oncologist, medical oncologist, nurse coordinator, social worker and other specialists. The team collaborates on a diagnosis and recommends treatment options. Appointments are scheduled, questions are answered and our patients stay focused on recovery. For more information, please call 561-955-MMCS (561-955-6627).

Oncology Social Worker

The oncology social workers are a group of board certified, licensed clinicians who meet with patients and families to assist in gathering community resources and to help address the emotional needs and concerns of patients and families while they are coping with a diagnosis of cancer. Our oncology social workers meet with patients and families throughout the spectrum of care, starting at diagnosis, through treatment and survivorship. The oncology social work team is trained to do individual, family and group counseling. For more information, please call the psychosocial services department at 877-272-4422 or email us at

Nutritional Counseling

The Lynn Cancer Institute has a Certified Specialist in Oncology Nutrition and Registered Dietitian on-site that will help you learn how proper diet and exercise can help you when it comes to battling cancer. Our dietitian will work one-on-one or through group lectures to help you improve quality of life, minimize side effects of treatment, and possibly reduce the risk of disease progression. For more information, please call 561-955-5637.

Oncology Financial Counselor

To provide exceptional service to our customers, the Oncology Financial Counselor’s role is to help patients through the insurance process at the Lynn Cancer Institute. If you do not have insurance, are under insured, or are an international patient, the counselor will give you a cost estimate, once a treatment plan has been recommended, along with payment details. Please be aware that self-pay patients must provide a deposit prior to receiving services. For your convenience, payments can be made in the form of cash, personal check, or with a credit card. Our Oncology Financial Counselor can be reached at 561-955-4294.

Clinical Trials

Clinical Trials

At Lynn Cancer Institute, we treat cancer in today’s patients and offer hope for those who may get the disease in the future. Through clinical trials, we study promising new ways to diagnose and treat cancer. As our patient, you have access to trials and treatments that aren’t widely available elsewhere.

If a clinical trial may be right for you, we’ll talk with you about the potential benefits and risks. We make your overall well-being and safety our top priority if you choose to participate.

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