Many people receive radiation therapy as part of their cancer treatment. At the Lynn Cancer Institute, we offer some of the most advanced radiation treatments available, including ViewRay MRIdian® MRI-guided radiation therapy. Only a select number of cancer centers in the U.S. have this sophisticated radiation therapy system.

What is ViewRay MRIdian Linac Radiation Therapy?

There are different types of radiation therapy. The most common type delivers high-energy X-rays to a tumor from outside your body using a machine called a linear accelerator. The rays target your tumor’s specific location, sometimes using tiny metal implants placed inside your body as guides.

Often, radiation therapy effectively destroys cancer cells. But tiny body movements, such as breathing, may cause your tumor to move slightly. When the position of a tumor changes, radiation may reach and damage healthy tissues and organs.

The ViewRay MRIdian system combines magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) with linear accelerator radiation therapy. The system automatically adapts for breathing-related tumor movement when delivering radiation.

Diagnostic quality images allow providers to see your tumor and healthy surrounding tissues in real time during each treatment. Clear MRI images allow doctors to change your treatment based on what they see inside your body each day. It results in targeted radiation therapy that is personalized, effective and safe.

Doctor helping patient in MRI machine

What are the benefits of ViewRay MRIdian Linac Radiation Therapy?

ViewRay MRI-guided radiation therapy may:

  • Allow you to complete radiation therapy in five or fewer treatment sessions
  • Eliminate the need for implanted metal markers to guide radiation delivery
  • Increase the precision of radiation treatments
  • Reduce radiation exposure to healthy tissues and organs, which limits radiation therapy side effects

What types of cancer can ViewRay MRIdian Linac Radiation Therapy treat?

Currently, we use MRI-guided radiation therapy for several soft-tissue tumors, including those affecting the:

  • Breast
  • Liver
  • Lung
  • Pancreas
  • Prostate

We may also use MRI-guided radiation therapy to treat tumors that have traveled from the primary cancer site to other areas of the body.

Is ViewRay MRIdian Linac Radiation Therapy right for me?

MRI-guided radiation therapy isn’t a good option for everyone needing radiation treatment. We consider your type of cancer, whether it’s safe for you to undergo an MRI, and other factors when deciding whether the treatment is right for you. If it is, your care team will give you more information about the treatment and what it will involve. Our goal is to provide you with the safest, most effective cancer care for your unique situation.

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