When faced with the diagnosis of cancer, patients and their families have many questions, emotions, choices, decisions and challenges. The Bertuch family experienced this firsthand when their daughter, Cindy Rosencrans, was diagnosed with breast cancer. They also discovered the benefits of advance planning, and, when her disease was identified as incurable, end-of-life care.

To ensure that opportunities are available for other cancer patients, the family created the CINDY Bertuch Rosencrans Life Expressions Program as part of Lynn Cancer Institute’s support services. Although the program was designed to meet the needs of patients and their families at all stages of the disease, the emphasis is on supporting the end-of-life process.

The CINDY Program also offers CLIMB®, a support group for children whose parents or grandparents have cancer. CLIMB helps kids cope and share their feelings during this stressful time in their lives. The group is a component of Lynn Cancer Institute’s HUGS (Helping U Get Support) Program, a comprehensive effort to support the young children and grandchildren of patients with cancer. For more information about CLIMB, call 561-955-5406.

Care and Advance Care Planning

The CINDY Program social workers support patients as they explore and identify their personal healthcare wants, communicate their choices with their loved ones and medical team, and document their plans and wishes for care.

Implementing Resources

Educational workshops, support groups, tools for advance directive decision making and additional resources are available from initial diagnosis through end-of-life care planning. The social workers assist patients in identifying resources and accessing them.

Navigating the System

When choices regarding treatment planning and end-of-life care arise, they can be stressful and overwhelming. The social workers support patients as they make their healthcare decisions and provide information about advance directives.

Documenting Life Experiences

Cindy Rosencrans created a video expressing her love and sentiments to her family. Cindy’s legacy was captured in this video and remains a priceless gift for her loved ones.

Documenting life experiences can be a rewarding process for the patient and a lifetime keepsake for those close to them. The social workers support patients as they reflect upon the essence of their life through workshops, support groups and expressive projects.

Your Unique Needs

The social workers understand that each patient and family has unique needs, and support them as they identify and explore challenges from initial diagnosis throughout end of life.

Services are delivered through:

  • Workshops/Training
  • Support groups
  • Linking to resources
  • Education
  • Legacy work
  • Children’s support program
CINDY Program Social Worker

Ann Williams Nicholas, LCSW, CGCS

CINDY Program Social Worker
CINDY Program Social Worker

Elsa Raynor, LCSW, CT

CINDY Program Social Worker
Cancer Support Groups & Wellness Programs

Cancer Support Groups & Wellness Programs

For more information, please call 561-955-5265 or click the link below to view our cancer support and wellness page.

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