Researchers have made great strides in learning about cancer at a molecular level. Their findings, together with new and improved diagnostic tests, have led to treatments that target each individual’s specific disease. All of this has changed the way we care for people with cancer.

At the Eugene M. and Christine E. Lynn Cancer Institute, we’re helping with these advances in cancer care through clinical trials. Clinical trials study new ways of preventing, screening, diagnosing and treating cancer in people, as opposed to a lab. Many of today’s best tools for fighting cancer grew out of this type of research. Among them are treatments that have helped put some types of stage 4 cancer (the most advanced type) into remission, where there is no evidence of cancer or cancer stops growing.

Multimodality Clinics

Our multimodality clinics (MMC) at Lynn Cancer Institute offer a strong and unique foundation for cancer research. If you might benefit from a new treatment, clinical trials allow us to provide you with leading-edge care. And you get it in a compassionate and respectful environment with a team of experts at your side.

Each multimodality team includes medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, surgical oncologists, pathologists and radiologists. These specialists work together with other healthcare professionals who focus on the social and psychological aspects of managing your cancer diagnosis. We work to consider all your needs for your care plan.

Within the MMC, clinical providers and research teams collaborate to ensure you receive safe, efficient care. We offer everything from the earliest research studies that investigate safety and side effects with small numbers of people (phase 1 trials) to more advanced trials that study effectiveness (phase 2 trials) and how new treatments compare to existing therapies (phase 3 trials).

Clinical Trials

Clinical Trials

At Lynn Cancer Institute, we treat cancer in today’s patients and offer hope for those who may get the disease in the future. Through clinical trials, we study promising new ways to diagnose and treat cancer. As our patient, you have access to trials and treatments that aren’t widely available elsewhere.

If a clinical trial may be right for you, we’ll talk with you about the potential benefits and risks. We make your overall well-being and safety our top priority if you choose to participate.

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