Living with back and spine pain can limit your daily activities. To get you back to your regular life — and the moments that matter most — our multidisciplinary team offers you the comprehensive, compassionate care to support you and your journey toward a pain-free life.

As one of the few Joint Commission-accredited comprehensive spine centers in Florida, our Marcus Neuroscience Institute team uses the most advanced pain management strategies and performs leading-edge surgeries. We also offer the same high-quality specialty services at Miami Neuroscience Institute.

If we find that nonsurgical pain management isn’t helping in your unique case, we work hand-in-hand with our neurosurgery and spine surgery colleagues to find the best surgical treatment option for your condition.

We know every patient’s pain is different. So, you can be confident we’ll take a unique, personalized approach to your care. We’ll work with you to create a therapy plan that meets your needs and your comfort level.

We look forward to being your partner in your journey toward a pain-free life.

Our Approach to Spine Care

Our Approach to Spine Care

Through our unique spine care services in both outpatient and inpatient settings, our board-certified spine and pain medicine physicians, rehabilitation specialists and outstanding team of advanced practice providers work directly with you to develop a personalized treatment plan that meets your needs.

While treating and reducing your pain is our goal, we focus first on finding the cause of your discomfort. In addition to collecting details about your health history and asking about your symptoms, we may also order blood tests and diagnostic imaging studies to figure out where your pain is coming from.

We know that surgery isn’t the best option for everyone. Whether it’s a nonsurgical treatment or a minimally invasive procedure, we’ll always work with you to find the spine care therapy that’s most appropriate for you.

Conditions We Treat

Whether you have chronic pain or a complex injury, our specialists can help. Our experts are specially trained to treat a full range of spinal disorders, including:

  • Inflammation in the connecting joints of your spine, neck or back caused by normal wear and tear, autoimmune disorders or infections.

  • The intervertebral disc, the spongy tissue that works like a shock absorber between the bones of your spine, dries out. The outer layer of the disc breaks down, allowing the inside of the disc to bulge out.

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  • Neck or back pain that lingers for three months or more.

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  • Skeletal problems that are present from birth.

  • Normal wear and tear on your body from daily activities, sports or injuries that causes the discs between your vertebrae to lose their cushion or to fragment.

  • When a bulging disc is left untreated, the bulge may burst open. Pieces of the disc can press on the nerves of your spine, causing pain, weakness, numbness or changes in feeling.

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  • A condition where your spinal canal narrows and pinches your nerves, potentially causing pain in your lower back, legs, neck, shoulders or arms.

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  • An injury to your nerves that limits or changes its ability to function correctly. It can lead to a loss of feeling, weakness or other health problems.

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  • A type of arthritis where the protective tissue between your bones gradually wears away.

  • Headaches or muscle and tissue discomfort after surgery.

  • Nerve pain or damage caused by chemotherapy or other cancer treatments.

  • Aches, cramps, tingling or other uncomfortable sensations caused by a variety of problems that lead to muscle weakness and fatigue.

  • A pinched nerve in your spine due to a herniated disc or a tendon or ligament that presses on the nerve, causing sharp pains to shoot through your arms or legs.

  • Pain, caused by a pinched sciatic nerve in your lower back, that runs down one or both of your legs.

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  • Cancerous or noncancerous growths that can develop inside or outside your spinal cord.

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  • Abnormal wear and tear on the bones and tissue in your neck that leads to chronic neck pain. It can lead to a crack in the back part of your vertebrae (spondylolysis) that can cause the vertebrae to slip forward (spondylolisthesis), leading to back pain, soreness and muscle spasms.

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  • An injury, stretch or tear to the muscles or tendons in your back.

  • An injury caused by a blow to your head or crack in your skull that can lead to nerve damage in your brain. These injuries can be caused by a fall, accident or sports-related activity.

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Diagnosing Back, Neck and Spine Pain

Our work to diagnose your condition or find the cause of your pain starts with a comprehensive evaluation. During your consultation with our team, we’ll review any previous tests you’ve had and talk with you about therapies you’ve already tried.

To get a better look at what’s happening with your back, neck or spine, we may recommend you have additional testing. For example, a SPECT/CT scan can reveal inflammation around your spine that may not show up on a regular MRI or CT scan.

We may also use injection therapy to determine the source of your pain and diagnose your condition. These procedures involve injecting medication that blocks pain and nerve signals into your spine. If your symptoms improve, we will be better able to identify the source of your pain.

Nonsurgical Treatments for Back, Neck and Spine Pain

When you are dealing with spine issues, laughing, walking and even sleeping can cause pain, making you feel trapped in your own life. We understand. That's why our spine and pain care specialists don’t just treat your condition, they treat you. We factor in your lifestyle and focus on the right treatment to return to the life you desire, free from pain.

Our spine care physicians and pain management specialists are experts in back, neck and spine conditions and associated pain. But we’re also conservative in our approach to treatment and pain management, so we use nonsurgical therapies whenever possible. Our nonsurgical treatment options include:

  • Cognitive behavioral therapy
  • Epidural steroid injections
  • Facet injections or blocks
  • Joint injections
  • Medication therapy, such as anti-inflammatories
  • Nerve root injections
  • Physical therapy
  • Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections
  • Radiofrequency ablation
  • Spinal cord stimulation
  • Trigger point injections
  • If you have PRP injections, we first draw your blood and separate the platelets. Then, we concentrate those platelets in a centrifuge, combine them again with your blood and inject your blood into your injured area, such as your joint or tendon.

Preventing Back, Neck and Spine Pain

Not all back, neck and spine pain can be prevented. But there are things you can do to keep our back, neck and spine healthy. These include:

Maintaining a healthy body mass index (BMI)

Excessive weight can contribute to your back pain. You can protect your back by maintaining a healthy BMI — a measurement that uses your height and weight to measure your body fat. The more weight you carry, the more stress you put on your back. For example, being 30 pounds overweight is like carrying a 30-pound weight around all day. Over time, that wears your muscles out and weakens your back. Check out our free resources including nutrition classes to help you live the healthiest life possible.

Strengthening your core

Core strengthening exercises contribute to improved spine health because they make the muscles around your spine stronger. When those muscles are weak, the stress of your lumbar spine and cervical spine is greater. Over time, that stress can degrade your discs, leading to spinal stenosis (narrowing of the spine) and arthritis. Discover our free resources such as fitness classes and exercise videos.

Spine Surgery and Rehabilitation

Spine Surgery and Rehabilitation

If nonsurgical therapies don’t work to alleviate your back, neck or spine pain, you may need surgery. Our spine surgeons use the most sophisticated, leading-edge technologies available to give you the best outcome possible.

We then customize your inpatient or outpatient rehabilitation treatment and recovery plan to fit your specific needs. Rehabilitation can include:

  • Driving education and training
  • Occupational therapy
  • Physical therapy
  • Recreational therapy
  • Robotic rehabilitation
  • Social work support
  • Speech therapy

Meet Our Nonsurgical Spine Care and Pain Management Specialists

Our board-certified physicians and highly trained advanced practice providers work closely together to deliver the most comprehensive, compassionate spine care that leads to your best outcomes.

Our Locations

Nonsurgical Spine care & Pain Management is available throughout Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach Counties. Find a location near you.

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