Whether you’ve experienced a neurological injury or suffer from a chronic condition, the neurorehabilitation program at Baptist Health can help you recover and live a more active, independent life.

Our inpatient and outpatient programs are certified by the Commission on the Accreditation for Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) — the highest standard in evaluation for rehabilitation programs.

We know everyone’s needs are different. We work with our nonsurgical spine care and pain management experts to create a customized rehabilitation plan for you. And we understand the value of family involvement. So, we encourage their input in your rehabilitation plan to ensure it meets your needs and lifestyle.

Our Approach to Neurological Rehabilitation

Our Approach to Neurological Rehabilitation

When you come to Baptist Health for neurorehabilitation, you can expect:

  • A personalized plan customized to fit your needs, lifestyle and preferences
  • A team approach to your care that includes a diverse group of rehabilitation specialists who collaborate to find the best treatment for you
  • Rehabilitation treatment that includes your input and opinions as well as participation from your family members

Who Benefits From Neurorehabilitation?

You may need neurorehabilitation if you have suffered a neurological injury that affects your motor function, quality of life or ability to live independently. Some people who have been diagnosed with a chronic neurological condition may require neurorehabilitation to help them manage symptoms or side effects of the disease.

Our spine care team uses nonsurgical treatments to help you gain independence and regain your quality of life. We can help you recover from:

Our team also uses rehabilitation if you’ve been diagnosed with nerve disorders or movement disorders, such as:

Brain injury patients also have access to our Intensive Outpatient Brain Injury program. Our brain injury coordinator will work together with your doctors to arrange for rehabilitation.

Other programs in our outpatient neurorehabilitation include:

Our Neurorehabilitation Programs

We offer extensive inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation programs. All of our neurorehabilitation programs are located on a hospital campus. This means we can quickly evaluate and treat any new medical problems that may come up during your visit. We have easy access to diagnostic tests and imaging, as well as a full team of Baptist Health specialists.

  • Our 23-bed inpatient neurorehabilitation program at Baptist Health Homestead Hospital features comprehensive care from a diverse group of specialists. Here, you have access to the latest rehabilitation technology and therapy programs, including:

    • Weight-supported gait training device. This tool uses varied levels of resistance to support patients relearning to walk.
    • Exoskeleton device. This device helps patients stand up and walk.
    • Virtual reality rehabilitation. This treatment is typically used for rehabilitation in the upper part of the body. The system uses a visually simulated environment, such as a grocery store, to allow patients to practice movements like reaching up and taking items off a shelf.
    • Simulated environments. These areas simulate places that a patient will need to move in, such as a restaurant, work environment or car.
    • Outdoor training area. This area helps patients experience walking on different surfaces, such as concrete or sand. It also helps patients learn how to transition from one type of ground to the other.
    • Therapeutic recreation. These activities help patients preparing to leave the hospital practice cognition, social adjustment, and standing and balance activities.
    • Pet therapy. Patients can visit with certified therapy pets or have a personal pet brought in for a visit in the meditation garden.

    Once you complete your inpatient rehabilitation, we will transition you to our outpatient rehabilitation program. Although you may not need around-the-clock care, you may still need help from a caregiver or family member. Our team will continue to work with you until you are living a more normal, active and independent life.

  • Baptist Health Baptist Hospital and Boca Raton Regional Hospital's Gloria Drummond Physician Rehabilitation Institute offer rehabilitation for people who can still live at home or are transitioning out of inpatient rehabilitation.

    Brain injury patients also have access to our Intensive Outpatient Brain Injury program. Our brain injury coordinator will work together with your doctors to arrange for rehabilitation.

    Other programs in our outpatient neurorehabilitation include:

    • Driving evaluation program. This program helps patients relearn to drive with computer testing and on-road driving instruction with occupational therapists certified in driver evaluation. Our program is the only one of its kind in South Florida.
    • Concussion program. This program provides special evaluation and therapy for people who have suffered a concussion. We work closely with athletic trainers at local schools, colleges, and universities to ensure athletes with suspected concussions are seen as quickly as possible. Our concussion program therapists are certified in vestibular physical therapy, which focuses on balance issues.
    • Parkinson disease program. This program specifically treats patients with Parkinson disease. Patients receive an aggressive therapy plan that lasts four hours a day, four days a week for four weeks.
    • Cognitive rehabilitation. This treatment uses certain exercises to help patients regain brain function. It also teaches strategies for working around memory problems and provides training on assistive devices.

Family Participation in Neurorehabilitation

We believe that your family is an important part of your recovery. Your family members will be involved with your rehabilitation plan and are encouraged to participate in your care. If you need inpatient rehabilitation, family members are welcome to stay with you while you are in the program.

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