If you have cancer that’s affecting your brain or spine, you deserve an expert team working together for you.

Neuro-oncology services at Baptist Health are built around a collaboration between Baptist Health Brain & Spine Care and Baptist Health Cancer Care.

Working together, these brain, spine and cancer experts provide a wide range of neuro-oncology treatment options, including the most advanced radiation therapies, immunotherapy and surgical techniques.

Our Approach to Neuro-Oncology Care

Our Approach to Neuro-Oncology Care

If you or a loved one comes to Baptist Health Brain & Spine Care for neuro-oncology services, you can expect:

  • A collaborative team approach to your care, with neuro-oncologists from Baptist Health Brain & Spine Care working closely with Baptist Health Cancer Care experts to provide the best possible treatment
  • Access to every type of treatment and diagnostic service all under one roof
  • A team that is focused on translational and clinical research to improve neuro-oncology diagnoses, treatment and outcomes

Conditions We Treat

At Baptist Health, we treat cancerous tumors within the central nervous system (CNS). The CNS includes the brain, spinal cord and associated nerves.

Our team works with Baptist Health Cancer Care to treat primary and secondary brain and spinal cord tumors.

A primary brain tumor is a cancerous tumor that originates inside the brain.

A secondary brain and spinal cord tumor also called a metastatic brain or spine tumor – is cancer that develops elsewhere in the body and travels to the brain or spinal cord.

CNS cancers we treat include:

Diagnosing Central Nervous System Cancers

Our team uses sophisticated diagnostic testing and imaging to determine whether you have a CNS tumor. Imaging tests include:

What Neuro-Oncology Treatments Does Baptist Health Offer?

Our neuro-oncologists work closely with radiation oncology, medical oncology, interventional oncology and neurosurgery experts to build the best treatment plan for you. Together, we develop an approach tailored to your specific tumor type.

Neuro-oncology treatments we offer include:

  • Our neuro-oncology team takes a holistic approach to your care. This means we incorporate complementary medicine into each treatment plan. Complementary medicine techniques can include:

    • Diets and nutrition counseling
    • Massage and osteopathy
    • Qigong and Reiki
    • Yoga and meditation
  • Baptist Health Brain & Spine Care provides comprehensive neuro-oncology care all under one program. Our neuro-oncology patients have access to a neurorehabilitation team specializing in brain tumor recovery. We also provide psychology and psychiatry services tailored to your specific needs.

Meet Our Neuro-Oncology Care Team

Our neuro-oncology team includes physicians, neurosurgeons, radiation oncologists, interventional oncologists, advanced practice providers, nurses, patient navigators and researchers.



Radiation Oncologists

Neuro-Oncology Research

Neuro-Oncology Research

Our neuro-oncology team is actively involved in research and clinical trials testing new ways to treat neuro-oncological conditions. This means you have access to the latest treatment options. We’re also involved in many translational research studies of imaging procedures. Through this work, we hope to find ways to diagnose tumors better to determine the best treatment options. Talk to your doctor or view our list of active trials to learn more about neuro-oncology research.

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