Your nerves send signals between your brain and parts of your body. If your nerves become weak or damaged, you may have a nerve disorder. A nerve disorder can affect your ability to control movement or feel sensations in your arms and legs.

Nerve disorders can lead to pain or trouble performing everyday tasks.

At Baptist Health, our board-certified neurologists have experience diagnosing and treating nerve disorders. Whether your nerve disorder is caused by an injury or another condition, our experts can help.

Our Approach to Nerve Disorder Care

Our Approach to Nerve Disorder Care

When you choose Baptist Health for nerve disorder care, you can expect care from a team of board-certified specialists dedicated to diagnosing and treating your condition as quickly as possible. We use the latest technology and therapies for treating nerve disorders.

Types of Nerve Disorders We Treat

The Baptist Health Brain & Spine Care team treats a range of nerve disorders, including those caused by a traumatic injury, a chronic condition, cancer or multiple sclerosis.

There are two types of nerve disorders:

  • Cranial nerve disorders (called cranial neuropathy) affect one of the brain's specific nerves responsible for motor and sensory functions. Many cranial nerve disorders affect the eyes. Our team treats a range of cranial nerve disorders, including:

    • Bell’s palsy (affecting the facial nerve)
    • Fourth nerve palsy (affecting your ability to look at the tip of your nose)
    • Microvascular cranial nerve palsy (affecting nerves to the eyes)
    • Sixth nerve palsy (affecting eye movement)
    • Third nerve palsy (affecting eye movement and pupil size)
  • Peripheral nerve disorders (called peripheral neuropathy) affect one or more nerves outside the brain and spinal cord. Problems with these nerves can cause weakness, numbness and pain in your hands or feet. A peripheral nerve disorder can also cause problems with other natural body processes, like going to the bathroom or digesting food. Our team treats a range of peripheral nerve disorders, including:

Nerve Disorder Symptoms

Nerve disorder symptoms may be different for each person. Common signs of a nerve disorder include:

  • Tingling, numbness, pain or a burning sensation
  • Muscle weakness or difficulty moving
  • Uncontrolled muscle movements
  • Balance issues or lack of coordination
  • Back pain that extends to the toes, feet or other parts of the body
  • A headache that comes on suddenly or is persistent
  • Loss of sight or seeing double
  • Slurred speech or difficulties speaking or comprehending
  • Seizures, tremors or uncontrolled twitching
  • Memory loss

The cause of a nerve disorder is not always obvious. Our neurologists review your medical history and ask for details about your symptoms so they can accurately diagnose your condition and prescribe the best treatment plan for you.

How Are Nerve Disorders Diagnosed?

Our team will conduct a physical exam if you have a suspected nerve disorder. We will also work closely with neurophysiologists — experts who assess nerve function to better understand your condition.

Your evaluation may include a nerve conduction study called an electromyography (EMG) test. This test involves placing small needles into your skin until they touch your muscles. These needles act like electrodes and can measure electrical activity in your muscles. They help us determine how electrical signals move through your body. This can pinpoint any problems with your nervous system.

Nerve Disorder Treatments

Your Baptist Health Brain & Spine Care team will work with you to create a personalized treatment that fits your diagnosis, needs and lifestyle.

Nerve condition treatments we offer include:

  • Chemotherapy
  • Hemodialysis
  • Intravenous immunoglobulins, or IVIG
  • Medication
  • Plasma exchange
  • Steroid therapy
  • You may also need rehabilitation or physical therapy to treat your nerve disorder. If you need rehab or physical therapy, our team can refer you to the neurorehabilitation experts at Baptist Health Brain & Spine Care.

Meet Our Nerve Disorders Specialist

Our nerve disorders team includes board-certified neurologists and neurorehabilitation and neurophysiology specialists.

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