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Follow the instructions below:

  • You should not eat or drink after midnight the night before your procedure or surgery unless otherwise instructed. This includes gum, mints and hard candy. If your procedure or surgery will follow the Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) pathway, and you have been provided with a carbohydrate drink, please drink one bottle after dinner the evening before the procedure or surgery and one bottle two hours prior to the procedure or surgery. If you are diabetic, please follow your provider’s instructions.
  • Do not smoke or vape 24 hours prior to procedure or surgery. Ideally, you should quit smoking two months prior.
  • Please take only those medications you were instructed to take by your physician.
  • If instructed, follow Baptist Health showering instructions.
    • Do not shave or wax anywhere on your body or face for 24 hours prior to procedure or surgery to minimize risk of infection. If hair removal is required, clinical staff will do the hair clipping as part of your preparation the day of the procedure or surgery. Shaving or waxing may increase your risk of acquiring a surgical-site infection.
    • Please remove nail polish and artificial nails.
    • If you were not provided antimicrobial soap by the facility, please purchase an over-the-counter bottle of liquid antiseptic soap as instructed by your provider’s office at your local pharmacy.
    • Shower with the antimicrobial soap the night before the procedure or surgery and again in the morning.
  • If you develop a cold or flu-like symptoms, a fever of 101 degrees or higher, a skin rash or any other type of infection, especially on or near the surgical site, you must notify your proceduralist or surgeon to be evaluated. Please call the Preprocedure/Presurgery Office as well. (Please note that if your procedure or surgery date is rescheduled due to illness or other factors, you may need to contact your physician(s) to be recleared or to receive new instructions on your medication regimen.)