As part of our continuing effort to prioritize patient access and data security, the myBaptistHealth portal will be moving registered patients to a new login. During this time, you will receive an email directing you to reset your password.

myBaptistHealth Frequently Asked Questions

    • For a short video on how to activate your account, click here

    • This username will be the same username chosen when you first enrolled. If you have forgotten your username, please visit us here.
    • You will not need to provide your old password. We request you choose a safe and secure new password.
    • For a short video on how to update your username, click here.
    • For a short video on how to update your password, click here.

    • For a short video on how to unlock your account, click here

    • Baptist Health will be allowing you to leverage this single set of credentials with all your digital services. Your account activation will allow you to continue to leverage the features provided on myBaptistHealth.

    • If you no longer wish to use myBaptistHealth, you do not have to take any further steps. However, as part of your care provider history, we are legally required to send you certain types of communications, and those may continue.

    • Each time you request a token, the previous token is expired. Please allow your email provider some time to deliver your request, to ensure that you are going to input the most recently generated token.
    • Also, if you are copying and pasting, ensure all spaces are removed. Your input should not include spaces before or after the token.

    • Please choose a question and answer combination that allows your answer to be more than 8 characters long.

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