Enrollment Information

How do I enroll in the myBaptistHealth patient portal?

Access to the myBaptistHealth patient portal is now instantly available to patients who provide their email address at the time of service.

You will receive an email invitation following your visit if you provided your email and agreed to portal participation.

If you have an email on file, but did not opt in to enroll in the portal at the time of your visit, you will be able to self-enroll at a later time.

Who is eligible for enrollment?

Any 18+ year old patient who has been seen at a Baptist Health location AND has a valid email address on file is eligible for enrollment.

Please note, to protect the privacy of minors ages 12-17, portal access is not available for patients in that age group. Click here to request medical records online for patients ages 12-17.

If the patient is 0-11 years old, the parent/guardian must send an e-mail requesting a proxy invitation to myBaptistHealth@BaptistHealth.net. This will allow the parent to claim an invitation on behalf of the child. Please include in your email the following information for the child and the guardian:

  • Parent Full Name
  • Parent Date of Birth
  • Parent Contact Number
  • Parent Address including zip code
  • Child Full Name
  • Child Date of Birth
  • Child Contact Number
  • Child Address including zip code

When will I receive an email invitation?

Patients who provided a valid email address and have agreed to portal participation at the time of registration, should receive the invite by email immediately after the check-in process.

If you did not receive an invitation, you can self-enroll by:

  • Using the medical record number (MR) found on the discharge instructions from the last visit; or
  • Using the email provided at the time of the visit.
    Example of MR number

What if I did not provide an email address?

Patients who do not provide a valid email address at the time of registration, and later would like to access the myBaptistHealth patient portal could do so by self-enrolling using their MR only.

Need technical support?

If you did not provide an email and do not have your MR and would like to self-enroll, click here.

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