Confidentiality of Information

All patient health care information at Baptist Health South Florida is confidential and protected by State and Federal laws and HIPAA regulations. Medical records can only be released with proper authorization from the patient or the patient's legally authorized representative (unless otherwise authorized by law).

Hours of Operation

Open by appointment only for release of medical records.
Monday - Friday, excluding hospital holidays
8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Requesting Medical Records

All requests for the release of medical records must be submitted in writing and must be dated and signed by the patient or the patient's legally authorized representative. In the case of a minor, the parent or guardian must sign the authorization.

If you would like to submit a medical records request (in English and Spanish) online for continuum of care, please click below.  By requesting online, you can select the delivery method: email, mail or pick up by appointment.

Request Online

Please note that different forms are used if you are the patient or if you are a patient representative making the request. All requests will be processed within ten (10) business days of receipt of this request.

Request by Mail

For all other requests, follow the instructions below.

  1. Download Authorization and Complete form.

  2. Baptist Health Authorization for Release of Health Information form can be downloaded by clicking on the link:



  3. You may mail your completed request forms to:

  4. Attn: Health Information Management (follow links for facility addresses)

Fee for Copying Patient Records

Fees for medical records will be charged in accordance with applicable State and Federal regulations:

  • F.S. 395.3025 – Fees for medical record copies related to Health facilities and ambulatory surgery
  • F.S. 456.057 – Fees for medical record copies related to Healthcare practitioners and physicians’ offices
  • 45 CFR (§164.524)(c)(4) – Fees for electronic copy of records

For your convenience and to expedite your treatment we can fax your records directly to your physician’s office, however, if you prefer we can email/mail them directly to you. Arrangements can be made to pick up your medical records at one of the Baptist Health South Florida hospitals. Please allow up to 3 business days to process your request. You will be contacted when medical records are available for pick up.

For additional information, please contact the Health Information Department at 786-594-6400 Miami-Dade or 954-837-1127 in Broward.

Birth Certificates

The HIM Department is responsible for the creation of a birth certificate for all live-born infants delivered at or in route to a Baptist Health South Florida facility. All Baptist Health birthing facilities are currently using the Electronic Birth Registration System (EBRS) from the State of Florida, Office of Vital Statistics.

Using EBRS, completed birth certificates are filled immediately with the State allowing qualified individuals to receive a certified copy of the birth certificate on the day the birth certificate is completed. Copies of birth certificates must be requested through the Office of Vital Statistics, who is solely responsible for distributing the birth certificate.

To obtain information on requesting copies or making amendments to birth certificates, please contact the Office of Vital Statistics.

What you need to know at time of delivery

  • Have a name for your baby before giving birth. A Birth Certificate Representative will contact the mother on the day following the birth of the infant to complete the birth certificate.
  • Review the information carefully before signing. The Birth Certificate is a legal document and once filed with the Office of Vital Statistics, changes may only be made through an amendment. The Office of Vital Statistics has a $20.00 fee to process amendments.
  • Unmarried parents/Claiming paternity. In order to have the father’s information on the birth certificate, the father must be present to sign and have notarized the birth certificate. Baptist Health South Florida provides notary services for birth certificates.