What will my financial responsibility be for the healthcare services I need?

If you are insured and your doctor has ordered specific covered services, the Central Pricing Office (CPO) can provide you with an estimate of your financial responsibility based on your specific health benefit plan.

Please note: If you are enrolled with a managed care health plan, please make sure that the Baptist Health Facility of your choice is a participating provider of your health plan. View Health Plans

Prior to your call or e-mail

Prior to contacting the CPO, you will need to have the following information at hand so we can provide you with the best estimate of your financial responsibility:

  • A description of services is needed. We will need you to provide as much information as possible about the specific services described by your physician. For estimated surgical quotes, you may be asked to provide us with the specific CPT procedure code which is a five-digit numerical procedure code and can be obtained from your physician. This code will help determine the procedure to be performed and the estimated financial responsibility.
  • Physician / Specialist Name providing or ordering the services.
  • The CPO will also need information from your insurance card, so please have the card handy. We will need the following information from your card:
    • Name of your health plan
    • Type of plan (e.g. PPO, POS, Indemnity, Commercial HMO, Medicare).
    • Ensure that the Baptist Health facility of your choice is a participating facility with your health plan.
      View Health Plans
    • Policyholder’s name (i.e. Subscriber)
    • Policy number
    • Group name and number
    • Health plan’s phone number
    • Policyholder’s personal information (e.g. date of birth and Social Security number)
    • Date of service, if already scheduled
    • Baptist Health facility of choice

To help expedite your estimated financial responsibility calculation, please be able to provide the CPO your benefits such as your current deductible, current co-payment and or co-insurance amounts. During your call the CPO may need to contact your health plan to verify your eligibility and benefits in order to provide you with the most accurate estimate of financial responsibility.

Once the CPO has the necessary information, you will be provided with an estimated amount based on the information provided by you and / or your health plan. This estimate is not a guarantee since the services may vary from the services you receive due to treatment decisions and / or unforeseen circumstances or additional test / services ordered by your physician and variation in the clinical needs of each patient.

For all scheduled services, you will be expected to pay your estimated co-payment, co-insurance and / or deductible upon arrival at the Baptist Facility of choice. Any variations in your estimated co-payment, co-insurance and / or deductible will be handled after your health plan pays us.

What is not included in our estimates?

The estimates provided are for facility charges only. The estimates do not include your personal physician fees, or the Hospital Based Physician fees such as anesthesiologist, pathologist, radiologist, EKG Readers, or any other physician specialist fees. These physicians will bill you separately for their services.

Contact Us

To obtain your estimate of financial responsibility, please contact the CPO at 786-662-7181 or email CentralPricing@baptisthealth.net.

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