The mission of Baptist Health is to improve the health and well-being of individuals, and to promote the sanctity and preservation of life, in the communities we serve.

The Central Pricing Office provides estimates to insured patients based on the patient’s specific insurance benefits. The Central Pricing Office is available via phone from Monday- Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. The number is 786-662-7181. Contacting our Central Pricing Office is the way to get the most accurate costs that you will be billed.

Coming Soon: You may also use our pricing tool to calculate what you will owe for a select list of services, based on your insurance plan and coverage.*

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) require hospitals to post information about their gross charges, payor-specific negotiated rates, de-identified minimum and maximum rates, and discounted cash prices, among other requirements. On this site, you will find this information in the format compliant with CMS’s rule.

Due to the requirement to report data in the format specified by CMS and the requirement to omit certain key components of our contracted reimbursement rates from the data, the information posted may not be reflective of what our patients will be billed, or of our overall reimbursement from insurers.

If you have any questions regarding your out-of-pocket cost for any medical service at any Baptist Health South Florida facility, please contract our Central Pricing Office at 786-662-7181 or email at

The listed charges are effective January 1, 2021. Charges are reviewed and updated periodically.

What are Fibroids, and what do I need to know?

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Baptist Health South Florida has been working with Experian to launch the Price Estimator tool for West Kendall Baptist Hospital. The current estimated launch date of this tool is February 2021. Please check back soon, or, if you have any questions regarding your out of pocket amount for healthcare services, please call our Centralized Pricing Office at 786-662-7181 or email