Miami Orthopedics & Sports Medicine Institute is home to South Florida’s leading sports medicine providers. The same physicians who take care of the professional, college and student athletes also care for anyone with a musculoskeletal injury or health condition that impacts your daily life.

With a professional team of our own – our Board-certified fellowship-trained orthopedic surgeons who specialize in sports medicine, primary care sports medicine physicians, physician assistants, athletic trainers and physical therapists – we have the experience needed to evaluate, diagnose and treat your orthopedic injury, musculoskeletal condition or health problem that is limiting your everyday life. Our goal is to get you back to doing the things you love.

Which conditions do the sports medicine experts at Miami Orthopedics & Sports Medicine Institute treat?

On any given day, our sports medicine team can be found at games, matches and races throughout the region, caring for athletes from public and private schools, colleges and universities, and South Florida’s professional sports teams. They’re the first responders when athletes get hurt and are trained to handle simple and complex musculoskeletal injuries, first on the field or court, then in the office or operating room. Some of the most common injuries our orthopedic surgeons, physician assistants and athletic trainers treat include:

  • Overuse injuries
  • Fractures Dislocations
  • Sprains Tendon tears
  • Ligament tears
  • Muscle injuries

Another key part of our team are the primary care sports medicine physicians who help diagnose and treat the above injuries and manage concussions and conditions that can limit sports involvement. They also work closely with patients to prevent future injuries and provide non-surgical treatments.

How are sports injuries diagnosed at Miami Orthopedics & Sports Medicine Institute?

Our sports medicine experts first evaluate your injury through a physical exam. Next, they will likely use imaging tests, such as X-rays or ultrasound, performed in our office, to confirm the type of and location of your injury.

Sometimes a CT scan or MRI may be necessary to evaluate the injury and determine the best treatment option.

We offer high-resolution MRI that allows us to capture detailed images of your anatomy and plan surgery or treatment that is tailored to you.

How are sports injuries treated at Miami Orthopedics & Sports Medicine Institute?

We understand getting back into the game, race, match or activity you love is crucial to our patients. While our team boasts of some of the most experienced and innovative orthopedic surgeons who specialize in sports medicine, we first look at the non-surgical, conservative treatments that may be appropriate for your injury. These treatments include using immobilization devices – such as braces or splints, physical therapy, or injections of medication, platelet-rich plasma or stem cells into the injured area.

If your injury requires surgery, though, our Board-certified and fellowship-trained orthopedic surgeons look for the most effective and least invasive approach to your surgery, so that you recover quickly. Furthermore, our physical therapists get you up and moving, often just hours after surgery, to help restore function and promote quick healing.

I can walk; I can run; I can swim; I can ice skate; I can bicycle — just about everything. And the best thing is no pain. I have no pain.
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Our approach to sports medicine

Our approach to sports medicine

At Miami Orthopedics & Sports Medicine Institute, you can expect:

  • A team of professionals skilled in the management of musculoskeletal injuries who are committed to finding an effective treatment that gets you active again.
  • Advanced imaging equipment to quickly diagnose and pinpoint your injury.
  • Surgical techniques proven to safely and effectively treat your specific injury with as little downtime as possible.
  • A broad network of follow-up care providers, including primary care sports medicine physicians, athletic trainers and physical therapists, who are committed to helping you return to your normal activity and to preventing future injuries.

Sports physicals for student athletes

Through an ongoing partnership with Miami-Dade County Public Schools, Miami Orthopedics & Sports Medicine Institute provides pre-participation athletic screenings for more than 6,000 student athletes.

Meet the Sports Medicine Team

Our team includes Board-certified, fellowship-trained orthopedic surgeons, primary care sports medicine doctors, physician assistants, experienced athletic trainers and skilled physical therapists who work closely together and with you to ensure the best possible outcome for you.
Miami HEAT Sports Medicine Center

Miami HEAT Sports Medicine Center

The heart of the Institute, the Miami HEAT Sports Medicine Center, is located on the Doctors Hospital campus in Coral Gables. This facility houses several orthopedics and sports medicine clinics and an ambulatory surgery center with four operating rooms. The Center complements the Institute’s integrated network of locations, which includes additional outposts throughout the tri-county South Florida region. We are extremely proud of the orthopedic expertise available to patients at Doctors Hospital and throughout our region, and remain dedicated to providing outstanding medical care to all we serve.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Sports medicine is an area of concentration that orthopedic surgeons choose to specialize in. Additionally, Miami Orthopedics & Sports Medicine Institute has primary care sports medicine physicians to help take care of your musculoskeletal health.

    If you experience a sports-related injury, Miami Orthopedics & Sports Medicine Institute has the team to care for you. Our orthopedic surgeons and primary care sports medicine physicians and their physician assistants, along with our athletic trainers and physical therapists, have the training and skill to effectively diagnose and treat your injury to quickly return you to your sports activities.

  • Our Board-certified physicians are also fellowship-trained in sports medicine. That means they have additional training, beyond medical school and their residency, that exposes them to unique cases, research findings and surgical applications they would otherwise not have encountered.

    Miami Orthopedics & Sports Medicine Institute physicians also share their expertise with current fellows. This helps our surgeons advance their own training and keep abreast of the latest research, so they can teach the next generation of sports medicine specialists.

Research and Education

Our highly skilled physicians remain on the cutting edge of orthopedic research.