The advent of molecular medicine, sophisticated diagnostics and the use of personalized, targeted therapeutic agents have completely changed the practice of oncology. These novel advances have reached cancer centers such as the Eugene M. and Christine E. Lynn Cancer Institute, a premier cancer program in South Florida. The Lynn Cancer Institute offers complex clinical trials with multidisciplinary management for all site disease groups. The Institute is also supported by state-of-the-art diagnostics and by the capabilities of Boca Raton Regional Hospital, including such departments as Pathology and Surgery.

A unique approach at the Institute is its multimodality clinics (MMC), which foster a strong structure for cancer research. Each multimodality team includes medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, surgical oncologists, pathologists and radiologists. These groups work in tandem with healthcare professionals who specialize in socio-, psychological and other aspects crucial to the management of cancer patients. Within the MMC, clinical protocols for each patient are discussed individually. This process allows interaction between the clinical and research teams and effective, quick management can be offered and delivered to the patient. The clinical research activities at the Lynn Cancer Institute involve phase I, II and III therapeutic trials.

It is the commitment and goal at the Office of Clinical Research to provide our cancer patients with the most sophisticated care possible, all in a compassionate and respectful environment. At the center of this approach is our ability to offer them access to the most current clinical research programs available.

Clinical Trials

Miami Cancer Institute can provide access to clinical trials not widely available elsewhere. Clinical trials find new ways to treat and diagnose cancer and are ongoing. If an appropriate trial is available, we will talk to you about the benefits and risks.