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The compassionate team of experts at the Institute is here to help you every step of the way after a cancer diagnosis.

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If you're a physician with a patient you'd like us to help care for, we're ready to collaborate with you.

More than 30 oncology physicians and a full complement of oncology professionals are on staff to serve the patients at the Lynn Cancer Institute. Our patients receive treatment and services from specialists in genetics, surgery, radiation oncology, medical oncology, pathology and imaging. In addition, our staff includes research nurses, who improve patient access to clinical trials and the most advanced forms of treatment.

A unique approach at the Lynn Cancer Institute is our multimodality care. Each multimodality team is comprised of physicians and healthcare professionals who specialize in a specific site of cancer. The team is able to develop standards of care for the specific disease site it treats. These standards reflect the most advanced technology and current treatments available.

This simplifies the entire process for our patients, from diagnosis and treatment, to Wellness and Survivorship programs and allows our patients to focus on one thing — recovery.

Our Approach

Our renowned cancer professionals work together across multiple specialties to provide you with advanced cancer screenings, diagnostics and personalized care.

The Advantage of Multimodality Care

The Advantage of Multimodality Care

At the Institute, we understand the importance of great care. Our multimodal approach to care brings together a team of physicians and healthcare professionals who specialize in a specific site of cancer. We are ready to care for you.

Dr. Hina Saeed

Radiation Oncologist
Dr. Hina Saeed

Physician Spotlight

Hina Saeed, M.D., is a board-certified radiation oncologist at Lynn Cancer Institute. She is also the deputy director of the institute's radiation oncology department. She specializes in cancer care using the latest radiation oncology advances. Dr. Saeed is a member of various regional and national organizations. She serves on various committees working on guidelines and best practices for oncologic management. She is also particularly passionate about health disparities, with a special focus on women of color.

Dr. Saeed provides a multidisciplinary, comprehensive approach to personalized care. She values compassionate, whole-person treatment with a commitment to innovation.

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