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Finding Us

1228 South Pine Island Road, Plantation Suite 330

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Our physical therapy program takes an individualized, patient-centered approach. Each treatment plan is tailored specifically to meet your needs and exceed your expectations, with the goal of returning you to your normal activity as quickly as possible.

Our physical therapy team is made up of skilled therapists who have comprehensive training in many different physical therapy techniques and treatments. Combined with our close-to-home rehabilitation facilities, which provide the latest therapy equipment available, our team will help reduce your pain, treat your condition, heal your injury and return you to your normal activities.

Why do I need physical therapy?

Baptist Health Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation provides physical therapy for a wide range of conditions and injuries. You may need physical therapy if:

You are recovering from an orthopedic injury, such as a fracture, sprain or ligament tear.•

You are recovering from surgery to repair a joint or ligament, or to replace a joint.

You have been diagnosed with a chronic condition, such as arthritis, and are looking to use a non-surgical approach to improve your mobility.

How do you determine the right physical therapy treatment for me?

Before starting your physical therapy, our team will work closely with you to determine what your goals and expectations are for treatment. We want to ensure that we develop the right plan to get you to an activity level that makes you feel healthy and happy.

We will also use video monitoring to assess your movement patterns — such as running, throwing or swinging a golf club or tennis racket — and use that video analysis to determine the best treatment and to track progress throughout your therapy.

What type of physical therapy is offered at Baptist Health Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation?

Our team is certified in a variety of evidence-based physical therapy techniques, including:

Manual therapy. During this type of therapy, physical therapists use their hands to move your joints or apply pressure on parts of your body to help relieve pain, increase range of motion and improve flexibility.

Pilates. This technique uses various machines to help support you in different positions and take you through different ranges of motion.

Hand therapy. Our team includes therapists who are certified specifically in hand therapy, which focuses on helping you build strength and range of motion in your hands, wrists or arms.

Graston technique. This type of therapy uses different metal tools to massage muscles and tissue to relieve pain and improve range of motion.

Anti-gravity treadmill training. This therapy uses a special treadmill that allows you to run or walk with only a percentage of your body weight. Then, we can progressively add weight as you become stronger.

Our Approach

Our Approach

When you come to Baptist Health Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation for physical therapy, you can expect:

  • Evidence-based techniques that have been thoroughly researched and shown to be effective in treating orthopedic injuries or conditions.
  • A personalized approach to your treatment that focuses on your goals and expectations.
  • A compassionate team that cares about finding a solution to help you live a happier, pain-free life.
  • Certified physical therapists who are experienced in a wide range of treatments and techniques.

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