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What type of mammogram is listed on your prescription?

Screening Mammogram

Annual exams for women 40 and older with no breast changes or symptoms.

Diagnostic Mammogram

For women with an abnormality on a screening mammogram and/or clinical breast symptoms.

Breast Ultrasound

For women with an abnormality detected on a clinical breast exam, screening or diagnostic mammogram.

A prescription and an appointment are required. If you don't have a referring provider to write a prescription for you, call 786-596-2464 and we'll connect you with one.

If you don't have a mammogram prescription, let us help you find a primary care provider.

Schedule a same-day, next-day or virtual visit with a Baptist Health provider and begin your prevention journey by getting your mammogram.

About 3D Mammograms

Low level of radiation

200-300 images vs. four in standard 2D mammograms

Identifies potential growth at early stages

Reduces chance of seeing false positives


Stories of Triumph

Although every breast cancer journey is different, there are some universal facts – it can happen to any woman and their battles are all inspirational. Baptist Health is here to support you through every stage of your breast health journey, beginning with getting your mammogram at any of our diagnostic imaging locations.

Carla's Headshot 

“A mammogram is your first line of defense. I needed to be proactive and preventive, over being reactive.”

–Carla Walker
Breast Cancer Survivor

Wonda's Headshot 

“I’ve been consistent about getting my yearly mammograms since I turned 40. If you don’t go, then you won’t know.”

–Wonda Jenkins
Breast Cancer Survivor

Noga's Headshot 

“I am a breast health technician and a breast cancer survivor. I say this with great strength and a lot of pride. Thanks to that mammogram, I am here to tell my story.”

–Noga Nietzen
Breast Cancer Survivor

Tamara's Headshot 

“I’m using my voice for the Haitian community. I think it can save someone’s life. Getting a mammogram saved mine.”

–Tamara Béliard Rodriguez
Breast Cancer Survivor

Dr. Star's Headshot 

“I am a breast surgical oncologist, but first and foremost a woman that screens annually.”

–Dr. Mautner
Breast Surgical Oncologist

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Special pricing is available for patients without health insurance. If further care is necessary, you can count on Baptist Health to remain by your side and provide you with the most comprehensive care.

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There's a
1 in 8

chance a woman will develop breast cancer in her lifetime.*

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Black Women

are more likely to be diagnosed before the age of 50.**

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Over 90%

survival rate if detected at an early stage.**

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leading cause of cancer death among women in the U.S.**

How to prepare for your mammogram:

How to prepare for your mammogram:

  • Before your mammogram, don't use deodorant, lotion, perfumes, and powder. Metallic particles in powders and deodorants could be visible on the mammogram and cause confusion.
  • Schedule the test for a time when your breasts are least likely to be tender.
  • Bring your prior mammogram images. If you're going to a new facility for your mammogram, request to have any prior mammograms placed on a CD.

We have diagnostic imaging locations from Palm Beach to Monroe County.

Baptist Health is here to support you through every stage of your breast health journey, beginning with getting your mammogram at any of our diagnostic imaging locations. Online appointment scheduling is available for screening mammograms with a prescription. Select a convenient location on the map to schedule your mammogram.

Skip the Paperwork with PineApp.

Skip the Paperwork with PineApp.

Save time filling out paperwork at your diagnostic imaging appointment by using PineApp's new pre-registration feature. Once your appointment is scheduled, simply complete your pre-registration before you arrive. At the time of your appointment, check-in will be more efficient than ever!

Sources: *, **

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