If you smoked, get a new scan that can detect lung cancer early when it's more curable.

A prescription and an appointment are required. If you don't have a referring provider to write a prescription for you, call 786-596-2464 and we'll connect you with one.


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What to expect during the scan

What to expect during the scan

  • The Lung Screening is a quick and painless low radiation dose exam without injections or oral contrasts.
  • A CT technologist will screen the patient for any metal on the upper torso.
  • Patient will lay down with their head away from scanner with both arms raised above head unless unable to do so.
  • Exam includes three scans in which the table will slowly move in and out of the scanner and the patient will have to take a deep breath in and hold it for 5 to 7 seconds as instructed.
  • The CT technologist will assist the patient off the table.

If you don’t have a prescription, let us help you find a primary care provider.

Schedule a same-day, next-day or virtual visit with a Baptist Health provider and take control of your health. See if you meet the criteria for a lung screening today.

About the low-dose lung cancer screening

About the low-dose lung cancer screening

This CT scan is a special low radiation X-ray that takes multiple pictures and creates a detailed picture of your lungs with a combination of these images. A study found that early detection of lung cancer through a LDCT test can reduce mortality for those who are or have been smokers, are over the age of 50 and meet the high-risk eligibility criteria.

If you smoked, we are providing an eligibility quiz for a LDCT that could save your life.

Why get a lung cancer screening test?

Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer deaths in America, but detecting it early through a LDTC, when it is more likely to be curable, gives us hope. If lung cancer is caught before it spreads, the likelihood of surviving 5 years or more improves to 60 percent.*

*Based on early-stage lung cancer stats (stage 1 vs. stage 4)

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In the past, the prognosis for people who had stage four lung cancer was six months. Now, it’s possible they can live for years and be able to keep the cancer under control.
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Tap into your health with the PineApp.

Tap into your health with the PineApp.

The PineApp makes it easy to access all your medical records and lung screening results.

Baptist Health and the American Lung Association: A Partnership to Save Lives

Baptist Health and the American Lung Association: A Partnership to Save Lives

For the second year in a row, Baptist Health is partnering with the American Lung Association to promote lung cancer awareness. Together we can help increase awareness of the benefits of early detection through lung cancer screenings. If something is detected, Baptist Health Cancer Care is here to support you through your journey.