Thanks to a new scan, lung cancer can be detected early when it's more curable. If you smoked, get scanned.

In November, we’re offering special pricing on lung screenings.


If you meet the criteria.*

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You’re a candidate for this lung screening if you meet the following criteria:

  • Age 50-80 years old (or 50-77 for Medicare Part B patients**)
  • Current or former smoker who quit less than 15 years ago
  • 20 pack-year smoking history (1 pack per day for 20 years; 2 packs per day for 10 years)

What to expect during a Lung Screening

  • The Lung Screening is a quick and painless low radiation dose exam. No injection or oral contrast is needed.
  • A CT technologist will screen patient for any metal on the chest and/or upper back area.
  • Patient will lay down with their head away from scanner.
  • Both arms will be raised above head (accommodations are available for patients who cannot raise arms above head).
  • Exam includes three scans in which the patient table will slowly move in and out of the scanner.
  • For each scan, the patient is instructed to “take a deep breath in and hold.” After approximately 5-7 seconds, another recording will play to “release the breath hold.”
  • After the three scans, the CT technologist will assist the patient off the table.

image of scan machine

Let Baptist Health Primary Care be your partner in health

Let Baptist Health Primary Care be your partner in health

If you do not have an assigned primary care physician, let Baptist Health Primary Care be your partner in health, wellness and prevention. With virtual visits as well as offices spanning the Keys to Palm Beach County, take control of your health and see if you meet the criteria for a special priced lung scan.

*Applies to patients who are uninsured. A prescription is required. If you don’t have a referring physician to write a prescription for you, call 786-596-2464 and we’ll connect you with one. Offer expires December 12, 2021.

**Medicare now covers an annual low-dose CT lung screening for beneficiaries ages 50-77 who meet the above criteria. Medicare coverage must include a patient visit for counseling and shared decision-making on the benefits and risks of lung cancer screening and the importance of smoking cessation, if applicable.