Lifestyle changes and medication may be enough to treat your heart or vascular condition. But if your cardiologist believes you need a procedure or surgery, it may be time for an appointment with our expert providers.

Located on the sixth floor of the Baptist Medical Arts Building west tower on the Baptist Hospital campus, we multiple cardiovascular experts who specialize in heart procedures and surgeries. Our team will provide a thorough assessment of your condition and a comprehensive treatment plan. If you need a procedure or surgery, we will schedule it as soon as possible. After the procedure or surgery, you’ll follow up with our care team, then return to your cardiologist’s care.

Services & Specialties Available

  • Surgery
  • Vascular Surgery


8950 North Kendall Drive
Suite 600W
Miami, FL 33176

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Our team treats patients who may need a procedure or surgery for the following cardiovascular conditions.

    Your cardiologist can help you decide if the Multidisciplinary Cardiovascular Care Clinic could be right for you.

  • The care team may include:

    • Cardiothoracic surgeons who specialize in open and minimally invasive surgeries
    • Interventional cardiologists who treat heart and blood vessel conditions
    • Electrophysiologists who specialize in irregular heartbeats
    • Nurse practitioners
    • Nurse navigators
    • Physician assistants
    • Clinical pharmacists
    • Administrative staff

    Our team works together to provide you with the most effective care as quickly as possible.

  • Our streamlined approach focuses on patients’ needs and their desire for convenience. This approach:

    • Will have all your pertinent records obtained and reviewed prior to your visit
    • Eliminates the need for multiple appointments in different locations
    • Encourages communication and teamwork among our cardiovascular specialists
    • Allows the care team to create one unified treatment plan
    • Keeps your cardiologist informed and returns you to their care after any procedure or surgery

  • Before your first appointment, one or more of our cardiovascular specialists will review your chart and may talk to your cardiologist to hear their perspective.

    When you arrive for your appointment, you may meet with more than one specialist, including a cardiothoracic surgeon, interventional cardiologist and/or electrophysiologist, depending on your needs. Together, they’ll talk to you about your symptoms, review your test results and discuss your treatment options. They may order new tests or imaging. Our highly trained advanced practice providers will make sure your questions are answered, records obtained and make your meeting with the cardiologist or cardiothoracic surgeon more efficient and accommodating.

    Many patients leave their first appointment with a personalized treatment plan. However, if your condition is more complex, the physicians may want to consult with additional doctors before finalizing your treatment plan. Or they may need to wait until new test results are available. Once your treatment plan is ready, one of your doctors will contact you to discuss it.

  • Our doctors offer a full range of complex cardiovascular procedures and surgeries. They use the latest minimally invasive treatments and advanced technology. They’ll work closely with you and your cardiologist to ensure you receive the most effective treatment possible and care that fits your needs and preferences.

    Learn more about the types of care we offer patients.

Meet the Team

Meet our team of Cardiac Surgeons
To schedule an appointment, call 786-596-1230

Meet our team of Cardiovascular Specialists
To schedule an appointment, call 786-204-4200

To schedule an appointment call:

Preparing You For Your Visit

To prepare for your visit, please make sure to bring the following items with you:

  • Photo identification
  • Insurance card
  • Written authorization of referral from insurance company (If applicable)
  • Completed history and physical questionnaire and signed consent forms (If applicable)
  • Copies of any relevant medical records, radiology images, consultation reports, etc.
  • Name of pharmacy, full address, and phone number, in the event that a prescription is ordered
  • Parking

    Dedicated parking spots are available in the garage behind the office.


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    Heart & Vascular Care

    Miami Heart & Vascular Care offers patients access to new technologies years before other regional hospitals. Our team of multidisciplinary physicians represents the complete spectrum of cardiovascular care and is dedicated to providing you and your family with the best treatment.

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