Baptist Health South Florida is committed to providing consumers of healthcare services with pricing information so they may better anticipate and understand their financial responsibilities and be able to make informed healthcare decisions.

The Central Pricing Office (CPO) is a centralized office for Baptist Health to provide all pricing estimates/quotes and package pricing for pre-scheduled services for uninsured patients and estimates of coinsurance, co-payments and deductibles for insured patients. The CPO provides estimates to insured patients based on the patient’s specific insurance benefits.

The Central Pricing Office is available via phone from Monday- Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. The number is 786-662-7181.  

In compliance with federal law, Baptist Health provides a list of standard charges and Diagnosis Related Group charges (DRG). These charges are not equivalent to what insurance companies may pay or what patients may owe. The amount a patient pays is based on many factors, including health insurance, benefit plans and other applicable discounts, and the services provided based on each patient’s unique needs. Listed prices include hospital services only and do not contain professional fees for physicians or other practitioners. A single line item charge may not represent a complete medical service. In general multiple charge line items are necessary to represent all components of a service (e.g., procedures, supplies, drugs). Posted prices are meant for personal use by patients or perspective patients.

The listed charges are effective October 1, 2020 . Charges are reviewed and updated periodically.

Fishermen's Community Hospital

Fishermen's Community Hospital

By clicking below, I understand that prices listed are the list price of all hospital charges and may be different from what I owe. I understand that I may obtain a more accurate, personalized estimate of charges based on my individual circumstances, by calling 786-662-7181 between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday- Friday.

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