Baptist Health Supply Chain Management strives to be a world class, value based supply chain, driving financial and operational excellence. We believe that characteristics such as transparency, quality, managing total cost, and evidence-based decisions, will build business relationships that will thrive in our environment. As such, we strategically select the suppliers that become part of the Baptist Health family.

As part of our program, this interaction hub was created to facilitate the supplier experience. As you navigate throughout, you will find useful information on our scope of services, contracting and sourcing philosophies, Group Purchasing Organization affiliations, on-boarding forms, privacy pledge, Vendormate, policies, and a current UNSPSC list. In addition, the interaction hub will allow you to:

  • Requisition for bill-only suppliers (physician preference products)
  • Collaborate for strategic sourcing events (by invitation)
  • View public strategic sourcing events
  • Collaborate for contract negotiations (by invitation)
  • Submit time sheets, progress logs, expenses for services that you render
  • View purchase order and invoice information
  • Update your supplier information

If you are currently not doing business with Baptist Health and are interested in becoming a "bidder", then, please click "Register Your Business for Sourcing Events" link below. A "bidder" in this context, is defined as is an individual or company that is interested in doing future business with Baptist Health South Florida. A "bidder" may be considered for an upcoming sourcing event. A "bidder" does not mean that you are an approved supplier of Baptist Health, or that Baptist Health is obligated to ask you to bid or otherwise participate in a future sourcing event.

COVID-19 Vaccination Requirement

As per our policy, all Baptist Health-approved vendor and contractor staff will be required to be vaccinated for COVID-19. Only those who are fully vaccinated by Nov. 30 (two doses of either the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines, or one dose of the J&J Janssen vaccine) will be able to conduct business within Baptist Health facilities. No exceptions will be made.

Vendor partners/suppliers will be responsible for managing compliance, and maintaining their employees' vaccination records, which should be made available upon request. The partners/suppliers will be asked to certify that all of the employed contractors assigned to Baptist Health have met the COVID-19 vaccine requirement. Any contractor who does not meet the vaccination requirement will not be eligible to be issued a Baptist Health badge.

For more information, please refer to this memo.

Supplier Influenza Requirement

This year, Baptist Health South Florida is requiring all suppliers who come on-site receive a flu vaccination.

The deadline for suppliers to complete the requirement and upload their documentation to Vendormate is November 4th. After the 4th, any supplier who has not fulfilled the requirement will not be allowed onsite and will need to send a representative who has completed the requirement on their behalf. There is no exemption for vendors.

Communication has been sent out from Vendormate as well as from Supply Chain notifying all suppliers of the upcoming requirement. Go to the Vendormate website. For additional details, please review BHSF Policy #680.11.

Contractors Manuals

Baptist Health Contractors Manual for Hospitals

This manual has been developed as a quick go to reference for all construction contractors providing services at any Baptist Health new and existing facilities.

Baptist Health Contractors Manual for BHE Managed Properties

This manual has been developed as a quick go to reference for all construction contractors providing services at any Baptist Health new and existing facilities.