ACO Name and Location
Baptist Health Quality Network, LLC.
1500 Monza Avenue
Suite 200
Coral Gables, FL 33143

ACO Primary Contact
Hugo Elias

Organizational Information

ACO Participants:


 ACO Participants  ACO Participant in Joint Venture
 Adel M. Sidky, M.D., P.A.  No
 Ayman L. Atallah, M.D., Corp.  No
 Baptist Health Medical Group Physicians, LLC  No
 Baptist Health Medical Group Upper Keys, LLC  No
 Bocacare, Inc  No
 Boynton Beach Endocrinology, P.A.  No
 Cardiology Associates of South Florida, P.A.  No
 Danet Pico-Larralde, M.D., P.A.  No
 Gregory S. Weatherford, M.D., Inc.  No
 Ira Martin Fine, M.D.,P.A.  No
 James J. Jennings, M.D., LLC  No
 Mario Masserano, M.D., P.A.  No
 Metropolitan Neurology, Inc.  No
 Nevine M. Carp, M.D., P.A.  No
 Nilda M. Ginarte, M.D., P.A.  No
 Om Singh Medical Center, Inc.  No
 Pamela M. Ermine, D.O., LLC  No
 Seema S. Verma, M.D., P.A.  No
 South Palm Cardiovascular Associates, Inc.  No
 Stuart A. Rubin, M.D., P.A.  No


ACO Governing Body:

Member Last Name Member First Name Member Title/Position Member's Voting Power (Expressed as a percentage or number) Membership Type ACO Participant Legal Business Name and D/B/A, if applicable 
Arsenault Matthew  BHSF Manager  0% Other N/A
Atallah Aymen Vice Chair 16.66% ACO Participant Representative Ayman L. Atallah, M.D., CORP
Cervera Milady Secretary 0% Other N/A
Fialkow Jonathan MD 16.66% ACO Participant Representative  Baptist Health Medical Group Physicians, LLC
Fine Ira MD 16.66% ACO Participant Representative  Baptist Health Medical Group Physicians, LLC 
Kranys Rudy N/A 0% Medicare Beneficiary Representative N/A
Masserano Mario MD 16.70% ACO Participant Representative  Mario Masserano, M.D., P.A.
Sheehan Michael Medical Director 0% Other N/A   
Vazquez Jose MD 16.66% ACO Participant Representative Baptist Health Medical Group Physicians, LLC
Victorica Carlos Chairperson 16.66% ACO Participant Representative BOCACARE, INC

Key ACO Clinical and Administrative Leadership:
ACO Executive: Hugo Elias
Medical Director: Michael Sheehan, M.D.
Compliance Officer: Beth Gillis
Quality Assurance/Improvement Officer: Michael Sheehan, M.D.

Shared Savings and Losses


Quality Performance Results

2020 Quality Performance Results:

Our ACO did not participate in the Shared Savings Program in the 2021 performance year, therefore this section is not applicable at this time.

Payment Rule Waivers

  • Waiver for Payment for Telehealth Services:
    • Our ACO clinicians provide telehealth services using the flexibilities under 42 CFR § 425.612(f) and 42 CFR § 425.613.