What is a hospitalist?

A hospitalist is a physician with a professional focus on the overall care of acutely ill patients while in the hospital. All of our hospitalists are board-certified in internal medicine or family medicine.

While you are in the hospital, the hospitalist will help manage your daily care, including prescribing medications and ordering diagnostic tests. He or she works closely with specialists, such as cardiologists and surgeons, as well as with other vital hospital personnel to coordinate and guide your treatment plan.

Hospitalists also help manage care transitions, such as returning home from the hospital or simply moving from one level of care in the hospital to another. In partnership with the case management team, your hospitalist makes sure these transitions are seamless and safe.

Aside from coordinating your care, hospitalists also ensure every member of your care team stays informed of your treatment and progress. That includes updating you, your loved ones and your primary care provider regularly.

What type of treatments does the hospital medicine team provide?

In many cases, our hospitalists will start treatment when you’re first admitted to the hospital. For example, the hospitalist may start you on antibiotics if you have an infection or administer diuretics if you have heart failure. The hospital medicine team also performs bedside procedures such as removing fluid from the abdomen (paracentesis) or chest (thoracentesis) using ultrasound-guided techniques.

The hospitalist also coordinates treatment with other specialists, such as surgeons or cardiologists. If you need surgery, the hospital medicine team will manage your pre-surgery evaluation and care.

Our approach to hospital medicine

We believe in family- and patient-centered treatment, which includes listening to the patient’s needs and providing the best care for their unique condition. Our approach involves strong communication with the patient’s family, medical team and primary care provider.

Every member of the hospital medicine team is also committed to continuous quality and safety improvements. We’re invested in integrity, quality, excellence, understanding patients’ needs, service and teamwork — these values drive every aspect of our practice and care.

We serve as leaders in our healthcare system and as educators for students and residents at our hospitals.

Meet The Hospital Medicine Team

The hospital medicine team includes doctors trained in internal medicine, family medicine and other specialty areas. Our team also includes acute nurse practitioners, physician assistants and administrative staff.

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