Their decisions save lives. Their words enlighten. Their compassion eases pain. And their cheers celebrate success. They are the dedicated nurses of Baptist Health and they provide high-quality care to patients in our hospitals, our outpatient facilities and even in our patients’ homes.

Patients and their families say “thank you” to our nurses every day, and our staff feels appreciated when they are acknowledged for a job well-done. There are times, though, when you’d like to do more than say thanks – and a donation to the Center for Excellence in Nursing shows the nurses who have been so important to you that their efforts haven’t gone unnoticed.

The Center’s Commitments

The Center for Excellence in Nursing has targeted four specific programs that benefit nursing at Baptist Health South Florida:

Nursing Education

Donations to nursing education allow more nurses to attend advanced training classes. Learn more.

Scholarship and Retention

To offset the nursing shortage, the Baptist Health Nurse Scholars Program  offers scholarships to men and women who want to enter the nursing profession. We offer training on- and off-site, in conjunction with local colleges and universities. Currently there are more than 1,600 Nurse Scholars/graduates benefiting from the program.


Computerized nursing records, new medical equipment, wireless communication devices and interfaces with bedside computers automate time-consuming tasks. This gives nurses more time to spend with their patients.

Hospital-specific needs

You may wish to restrict your gift to a specific hospital or allow us to use it where the need is greatest. If the gift is restricted to one of our hospitals without a designation to a specific area, that hospital’s Center for Excellence in Nursing Committee will choose how to use your gift.

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