Coalition Work Groups

West Kendall Baptist Hospital has developed 8 coalition work groups to create the healthiest community in Florida.
  • Age-friendly communities strive to promote active, happy and healthy lifestyles for people of all ages through interconnected Domains of Livability, which include outdoor spaces and buildings, transportation, housing, social participation, respect and social inclusion, civic participation and employment, communication and information, community support and health services.

  • Educates the community and facilitates the provision of programs and resources to improve behavioral health. Members include mental health practitioners, BHSF Counseling Services, FIU School of Medicine, Miami-Dade College, social workers, high school counselors in West Kendall, West District Police Station, South Florida Behavioral Health Network, Health Council of South Florida, Citrus Health Network and CHI Behavioral Health Services.

  • Manages the collective data of the Healthy Hub, reports on trends and makes recommendations on evidence-based practice models in population health research methodology. Members include Florida Department of Health in Miami-Dade County, WKBH statistician, WKBH nurse scientist, West District Police Station, BHSF population health research staff and Health Council of South Florida.

  • Assesses the built environment and infrastructure of West Kendall and creates opportunities to build healthy habits into everyday community life, such as recently installed outdoor fitness equipment on the WKBH grounds. Members include government representatives, urban planners, environmental organizations, residents and WKBH facilities and construction staff..

  • Creates innovative solutions to facilitate easier access to healthcare and healthy living and to empower the individuals in managing their own health. Members include LifeWallet, BHSF IT privacy & security staff and BHSF wellness medical director.

  • Identifies needs and gaps in service for military members and their families and looks for creative solutions to help support their total health. Members include active and retired military members, representatives of local voluntary service organizations (VFW, American Legion, ect.) and Healthy West Kendall staff.

  • In partnership with the Florida Department of Health in Miami-Dade County’s Consortium for a Healthier Miami-Dade, HWK participates in the Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Committee to facilitate the Healthy Happens Here initiative for West Kendall and will work with restaurants to create healthy menu choices that have 500 calories or less.

  • Composed of leaders of churches and other faith organizations throughout West Kendall who come together to improve the health and well-being of their congregations, this work group is chaired by HWK and BHSF pastoral care staff and members represent a variety of faith organizations.

  • A fundraising arm of Healthy West Kendall, a group of passionate women looking to make a significant contribution in the lives of the children in our community.

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