An estimated one-third of all Americans have a sleep disorder, which could lead to chronic fatigue and health conditions like diabetes, heart disease or depression.

The multidisciplinary team of sleep specialists at Baptist Health South Florida has the expertise to help you get the rest you need.

We provide comprehensive evaluation and diagnosis for a wide range of sleep disorders. We walk you through each step of the process, giving you the education, training and tools, you need to achieve restorative sleep.

We offer sleep studies at a variety of locations, including freestanding sleep diagnostic centers and hospital-based sleep labs, as well as at-home studies for those who qualify.

Your comfort and safety are the top priority for us. Our sleep centers are accredited by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM) — the gold standard for excellence in sleep medicine services — or The Joint Commission, which accredits hospitals. These accreditations illustrate our commitment to high quality, patient-centered care.

What conditions do the sleep medicine specialists at Baptist Health South Florida treat?

Our sleep medicine experts work with specialists in pulmonary medicine, cardiology, psychiatry, neurology and urology to diagnose and treat sleep disorders, including:

  • Upper airway resistance – a collapsed or blocked airway that causes loud snoring.
  • Sleep apnea – a breathing disorder that causes breathing to slow or stop multiple times during sleep.
  • Insomnia – the persistent inability to fall asleep or stay asleep.
  • Periodic leg movement syndrome – leg muscle twitches and uncontrolled movements that occur every 20 to 40 seconds during sleep.
  • Narcolepsy – sudden, uncontrollable periods of falling asleep that can occur at any time during any type of activity.
  • Parasomnia – unusual activities, like talking, walking or eating, that take place during sleep.

What sleep medicine services are offered by Baptist Health South Florida?

Evaluation begins with a comprehensive history and physical exam by one of our sleep medicine specialists, who determines if a sleep study is needed to gain further insight into your condition.

Sleep studies at Baptist Health South Florida are used to diagnose many common sleep disorders. Most studies are conducted at a freestanding sleep diagnostic center or hospital-based facility, depending on your preference and doctor’s orders. In some cases, sleep studies can be carried out from your home, using equipment we provide.

We offer studies at night or during daytime hours, to accommodate your regular work/sleep patterns.

If your sleep study takes place in one of our sleep diagnostic centers or hospitals, you’ll sleep in a comfortable private room with hotel-like amenities including:

  • Wireless Internet
  • Private bathroom
  • Flat screen television

Sensors placed on your skin and head monitor your sleep cycle and track your heart rate, brain waves, leg movements and body positioning. A registered sleep technician monitors your breathing, air flow and blood oxygen from a nearby observation station.

After your testing is completed, a Board-certified doctor who specializes in sleep medicine will review the results to help develop a personalized plan to address your sleep issues.

For many people, a continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) machine provides relief for their sleepless nights. We offer CPAP education and training to ensure you’re using your equipment correctly and getting all the health benefits it provides.

Your doctor may also recommend one or more of the following treatment options:

  • Education and training to improve your sleep habits
  • Medication
  • Dietary supplements
  • Surgery to correct a structural issue
 Our approach

Our approach

We understand how invasive a sleep disorder is to every aspect of your life. At Baptist Health South Florida, our experts listen carefully to your concerns and provide customized solutions that improve your sleep and your quality of life.

Who benefits from sleep medicine services at Baptist Health South Florida?

We care for people who are not getting the sleep they need because they:

  • Take longer than 30 minutes to fall asleep each night.
  • Wake repeatedly throughout the night or awaken too early in the morning.
  • Feel sleepy during the day, require frequent naps or fall asleep at inappropriate times.
  • Snore excessively or stop breathing multiple times while asleep.
  • Sleepwalk, sleep eat or talk in their sleep.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • We use the most advanced technology in sleep medicine available today to evaluate both children and adults. Pediatric sleep studies are available.

  • You need a prescription from your doctor to participate in a sleep study at Baptist Health South Florida.