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CME Relicensure Courses & Requirements

With the passage of state legislation, HB 21, new mandates are in place for those who prescribe controlled substances. The law, which goes into effect on July 21, is designed to help decrease addiction and the number of deaths due to opioids, in particular. One requirement of the law is that DEA-registered prescribers of controlled substances must complete a two-hour continuing education course on the subject by Jan. 31, 2019, and at each subsequent license renewal. 
UPDATE: Baptist Health CME Portal – Online Learning Program has been approved to provide the controlled substances relicensure requirement. This course is currently in development and will be made available via the Baptist Health CME Portal
Please log-in to your CME Portal account to update your profile information. and verify your license to ensure accurate credit reporting to CE Broker.
If you are new to the Baptist Health CME Portal, we encourage you to navigate through our catalog and become familiar with the free CME Online courses and other services offered through this portal.

These courses meet relicensure requirements for physicians, psychologists, dentists, podiatrists, nurse practitioners, licensed practical nurses. 

​Florida Physician CME Relicensure equirement  (Effective July 1, 2006)

​Required Subject Area ​Required Number of Hours
​Important Information 
​General Hours ​36
​Medical Errors ​2 ​Course MUST include information regarding the 5 most mis-diagnosed conditions, in accordance with Rule 64B8-13.005, F.A.C.
​Domestic Violence ​2 ​Required every third biennium – Included in the 40 general
​Controlled Substances ​​2 ​Course and provider MUST be approved by the Florida Board of Medicine. Baptist Health South Florida is an approved provider. 

How To Report Credits Through CE Broker: Baptist Health CME Program automatically reports any courses completed through our program.

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