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Baptist Health South Florida Blogs

Weathering the Storms
Weathering the Storms provides hurricane season updates and preparedness information related to our organization and community. Postings are provided by Wayne Brackin, Baptist Health’s Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer. Anecdotes are also offered on previous hurricane seasons that help provide lessons learned and new perspectives for future storm response.

Baptist Health South has created an interactive place for the South Florida community to connect and share their stories and experiences. It is the online companion to Resource and Salud magazines, and is a virtual source for healthcare news and information for our patients and their families.

The Journeys
The Journey is Baptist Health’s breast health blog that features the experiences of women and men diagnosed with breast cancer. Breast cancer survivors, their families, dieticians, psychologists, fitness experts and medical professionals from the Baptist Health Breast Center provide guidance and offer useful information regarding all aspects of breast health. This interactive web community is designed to serve as a real-time, virtual meeting place to exchange empowering thoughts; to share hope and encouragement; to promote breast health awareness and prevention. Early detection saves lives.

Keeley Talks
Healthcare Ideas Worth Sharing offers the perspectives of Baptist Health President and CEO Brian E. Keeley, a well-known business executive in the not-for-profit healthcare field and a longtime civic leader in South Florida. He is passionate about promoting the role of wellness and prevention in healthcare and encouraging people to enact a lifestyle that supports optimum health.