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Versant RN Residency Program Received Highest Honor

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Versant RN Residency


At Baptist Health South Florida (BHSF) we are committed to the importance of the IOM Reports and projects – most importantly for nursing to provide quality care for all patients who require it and support health in our communities.

In August  2007 BHSF implemented the evidence-based Versant RN Residency.Our residency program is an outcomes orientation program for our new g​rads- the value of what the RN is doing.

With emphasis on:
  • Critical thinking and clinical reasoning and judgment, rationales behind decisions, and evidence-based practice– applying the knowledge.
  • With focus on the work setting as a learning organization
  • With Focus on safety as a system (not an individual responsibility)
  • From workarounds being the norm to crucial conversations being the norm
  • From decision making based on training and experience to evidenced-based decision making.

  • Our residency offers graduated patient care responsibilities, additional education experiences and competency development, professional socialization, and support for the critical transition during the 5 post-graduation years.
    We run two Versant RN residency cohorts a year- each cohort is 18 weeks. Throughout each residency metrics are collected to assist us in improving our residencies.

    Outcomes of each RN Residency are analyzed using a wide variety of metrics, including turnover; ROI; nurse satisfaction, work satisfaction, organizational commitment, leader empowering behavior, nurse autonomy, turnover intent, group cohesion, and self-confidence; individual competency assessments occur throughout the residency plus random in depth assessment using the Slater Nursing Competencies scale.

    We have seen over time a positive increase in all the metrics; importantly in nurse confidence and competence; in nurse autonomy and organization commitment and retention of excellent nurses.

    Our RN residents initiate their professional nursing practice careers in a supportive environment committed to mentoring, coaching and learning. The RN Residents stand tall with the assurance that their work and dedication impact those they serve.

    The Versant RN Residency with the strong support of debriefers, and mentors created a culture that allowed new grads to ask questions when they perceived a lapse in protocol or judgment, without fear of recrimination.
    Debriefing, mentoring, preceptor recognition and the inspiration to pay it forward are maintained as a vital part of the infrastructure of the residency.
    The residents create professional networks and relationships with peers during the residency, while honing and developing clinical and leadership skills. ‘My mentor was the single most important person I interacted with throughout the program’.

    Guided exposure to other departments is an important component of a residency. Such exposure helps the new nurse understand the continuum of care for patients, builds skills that she/he may not be exposed to the home unit, and develop relationships with other departments that can result in improved communication and collaboration.
    The clinical, leadership and socialization aspects of the program complement one another and provide the opportunity for a well-balanced orientation to the role of registered nurse.

    Organizational Commitment and Leadership Empowerment have increased overtime and turnover has dropped significantly. We have seen a "pay-it-forward' attitude which we believe is one of the most significant transformations in our health system as our "seasoned" residents become committed to facilitating the transition of the newest residents. Rounding on residents and preceptors has become an invaluable means of observing and intervening for successful transition of the RN Residents in their new work environments and to ensure the Married State Preceptorship model is in effect.

    The very structure and tools of the Versant RN Residency has changed the approach to the building up of a new nurse, which is not all about the information we flush into them, it is about how we help them to interact with each other professionally and morally; it is about the role models we are to them. The residency has reinforced our responsibility to show new grads what it truly means to be a nurse –how to interact and support each other; to recognize that there is art in what they do.

    We see RNs taking Ownership of their profession; chairing Nurse Governance Councils, Patient Satisfaction teams, Magnet Ambassadors, Daisy Award recipients. They are mentoring new Cohorts; partnering with experienced Debriefers to learn the facilitation role of Debriefing, so that eventually it will be the majority of past residents in the roles of mentors & debriefers.

    The RN Residents value the tremendous contribution that they and nursing make to the healthcare system; they recognize the support they have received as a BHSF Nurse Scholar, as RN Residents and proficient Nurses; their legacy will be their determination to give to incoming new graduate nurses as much support as has been given before.

    In 2008 – The Baptist Health South Florida’s (BHSF) Versant RN Residency was awarded the Gold Champion Award for Best Practices from the American Society of Training and Development.
    The Versant RN Residency model at Baptist Health South Florida has inspired the celebration of different methods of inspiring and engaging nursing staff in their professional growth and development. The teamwork and cohesiveness of the cohorts of RN Residents ensures the organization maintains its vision of being the  “Best place to be your best.” ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​