Scholars Program Overview | Baptist Health South Florida
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Program Overview

What we do?

  • Mentor both novice and advanced nurses
  • Support life long learning
  • Offer scholarship opportunities
  • Recruit and retain high quality nurses
  • Create a culture of nursing excellence​


Our mission is to provide quality nursing education through partnerships with institutions of higher learning. Delivering quality patient care utilizing evidence –based practice in a culture of learning is a top priority at Baptist Health South Florida. The Scholars Program supports excellence in nursing by investing in the education of our nursing workforce.​


The Baptist Health South Florida Scholars Program will support the future of nursing by fostering an environment where all system nurses will have a minimum of a Bachelors of Science in Nursing. Through academic partnerships our nurses will be inspired to pursue life long learning and exceed their potential. Scholarship opportunities will be offered that will motivate nurses to strive for the highest levels of education creating the best nursing workforce in South Florida.​