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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I am interested in a nursing career. Do you have any scholarships for nursing?

A: The On-site Scholars Program awards in-state tuition (excluding prerequisites, books and fees) to students accepted into the ASN program at Miami Dade College and entry-level BSN programs at Nova Southeastern University and Barry University.

The Off-site Scholars Program is for Baptist Health employees enrolled in RN-BSN or graduate programs at a college or university affiliated with Baptist Health South Florida. The Scholars Program awards up to $4,500 for the entirety of the RN-BSN track and up to $12,000 per calendar year for graduate programs

Q: How do I get accepted into a nursing program?

A: Contact a school affiliated with Baptist Health South Florida and make an appointment to speak with an advisor/counselor to find out the requirements of their respective nursing program.

Q: What is the difference between the On-site and Off-site nursing scholarships?

A: The Off-site option is only for current BHSF registered nurses. They will attend an affiliated nursing program to pursue their RN-BSN or graduate program face-to-face or online. There are 3 On-site nursing programs offered at Baptist Health South Florida: The Baptist/Barry BOND, the Baptist/Miami Dade College, and the Baptist/Nova On-Site Nursing Programs.

Currently, all classes for Barry and Miami Dade are held at Baptist Hospital; classes for Nova are held at the Nova Miami campus only. Candidates accepted into these programs are referred to as On-site Scholars.

Q: What are the eligibility requirements for the Scholars Program?

  • Have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher (For ASN/BSN)
  • Completion of all prerequisites(Reach out to school for more information)
  • Completion of all corequisites(MDC Only – Reach out to school for more information)
  • Full acceptance into an affiliated, accredited nursing program
  • Eligibility to work in the United States 
  • No corrective action during the last 6 months (For Employees of BHSF)

Q: Do you have any ASN or BSN part-time programs?

A: No. All on-site ASN and BSN programs are full-time.

Q: Do I have to work while going to school?

A: All On-site Scholars Nursing students are required to work 8 or 16 hours per “pay period” as a “Scholar Nurse Partner” as per the needs of the organization. For RN-BSN, MSN, PhD, & DNP programs, existing employees must work full-time (FT), modified full-time (MFT), or regular part-time (RPT) to qualify for scholarships.

Q: Is there a contract to work for Baptist Health South Florida after a scholarship has been awarded?

A: Yes, there is an employment commitment; length of employment depends on the nursing program completed.

Q: Do I have to complete my clinical rotations at Baptist?

A: On-site scholars are required to complete the majority of their clinical rotations at a Baptist Health South Florida entity.

Q: How do I apply to the Scholars Program?

A: Once you have completed all of the prerequisites (co-requisites for MDC) and received a letter of full acceptance into an affiliated nursing program, you may download an application for the BHSF Scholars Program. A complete application includes the following:

  • Completed and signed application forms.
  • A letter of full acceptance into the Nursing program. 
  • Most recent, official transcripts. Must be unopened. 
  • Professional resume 
  • * Essay (1 page, typed. Briefly tell us about yourself and “Why you want to pursue this degree?”) 
  • Three recommendation forms

 All completed applications must be submitted electronically to:

No applications will be accepted and/or processed if documents are missing

For additional information or an application, contact the Scholars Program department at 786-596-4194 or send an email to or