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Baptist Health Presents Colors and Traditions of Cuba at Festival


Baptist Health South Florida will celebrate Colors and Traditions of Cuba through the folkloric art of José Chiú and Félix González-Sánchez during the Cuba Nostalgia festival, which will take place May 16-18 at the Fair-Expo Center located in Coral Way and SW 112 Avenue.

Chiú and González-Sánchez will present a series of oils and fantastic life-size papier-mâché sculptures, among them "El Billetero" (The lotto ticket vendor) and   "El Domino" (Dominoes).

“The continued sponsorship of the Cuba Nostalgia festival and our commitment to the La Liga Contra el Cáncer are an integral part of the charitable mission of Baptist Health South Florida. To be able to support artists such as José Chiú and Félix González-Sánchez is an honor,” said Roymi V. Membiela, assistant vice president of marketing and public relations for Baptist Health South Florida.

Native of Guanabacoa, Havana, Cuba, artist José Chiú has lived in South Florida since he fled Cuba in 1980 and since then he has used his memories of Cuba as inspiration for his work which uses folkloric and traditional customs as a source of creativity and as inspiration for his picturesque characters.
Félix González-Sánchez, a native of Havana, Cuba has been painting since childhood. A graduate of the San Alejandro Academy of Fine Arts in Havana, he has lived in Miami since 1980.  Gonzalez-Sanchez presents scenes of social commentary related to Cuban traditions while reflecting his serious intent as an artist and his longing as an exile. 

All those who visit the Baptist Health exhibit will have the opportunity to become a central character in Chiú and Félix González-Sánchez’s works and take home a photo of the experience. The color photos will be developed instantly and given away in a charming frame completely free of charge. During the festival there will be opportunities to meet José Chiú and Félix González-Sánchez and obtain a fan as a memento of Cuba Nostalgia 2008. 

Baptist Health will raffle the original works from José Chiú "Cheo el tabaquero" (Cheo the tobacco maker) and Félix González-Sánchez "Berta la manicurista" (Bertha the Manicurist), to benefit  La Liga Contra el Cáncer

Contact: Roymi Membiela; 786-596-3426;

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