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You can request a Medical Second Opinion from one of our specially trained program coordinators by filling out the form below, by phone 786-596-2373 or email
Your medical records and digital images will then be submitted to Baptist Health (please note all medical records must be in English).
Upon receipt of your medical records, the program coordinator will send your case to the appropriate physician(s).
Once the program coordinator and physician receive the complete medical records, the physician will issue a Second Opinion Report with a diagnosis and outlining treatment plan(s) or option(s) based on the information provided. You will receive an electronic report via email as well as a hard copy, delivered by courier.
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Medical Second Opinion When faced with complex medical challenges and treatment options, a medical second opinion is helpful and often required. That’s why Baptist Health International has created the Medical Second Opinion Program. This program will provide access to our healthcare system’s renowned physicians and eliminate costly travel. It is available to patients, physicians, health institutions and insurance companies who require a second opinion in a simple and prompt manner. Requests can be made by telephone 786-596-2373 and/or email

Quick Turnaround - We will deliver a medical second opinion report within 3 business days upon receipt of all medical records and requirements along with payment verification.

Confirmation of diagnosis - Second opinions either confirm the diagnosis you have or provide a different diagnosis.

Broader range of treatment options - Second opinions provide more knowledge about your condition and the treatment options available, as well as recommendations for course(s) of treatment.

Access to a team of experts - – World class physicians at Baptist Health specializing in Oncology, Orthopedics and Neuroscience/Neurosurgery are available for consultation.

Peace of Mind - Reassures you that you have all the facts necessary to make an informed decision.